Thursday, 14 February 2013

Tajo de Molino

 A trip out today to the "Tajo del Molino"(Mill gorge), a limestone gorge near to pueblo of Teba, eroded over millions of years by the Rio La Venta as it winds its way to the Guadalteba reservoir pictured above. (My route here)

Access to the gorge is well signposted and gained by leaving the main road and parking below the viaduct.
There were no visible signs as to pathways so I settled for the right hand bank of the river.

  After about 30 metres however, I realised that I had made a mistake as it was impossible to go further without wading into the water.
So retracing my steps, I crossed to the other side via this "bridge" across the fast flowing river.
  After clambering over a few rocks, I found a sort of pathway and headed further into the gorge.
Once the seabed between Europe and Africa, the rock formations have a definite slant reflecting the upward movement of the continental plates millions of years ago.

 In some areas, walking was reasonably easy but shortly after this point the path once again became impassable due to the water depth and with no crossing point I had to turn back.
  The old ruined mill, my ultimate destination, viewed from the closest I could get at about 100 metres away 

 Upon leaving the gorge, I took a different direction which on Google Earth showed a route skirting the Guadalteba reservoir. However, once again I declined to get wet as the road disappeared into the water.
  Visible about 100 metres to my right was the other end of the road. Pictured below, the gorge as seen on the road to the reservoir.
So once again, thwarted by the elements, I reversed and headed back to Olvera. However, as I always say, there's no such thing as a wasted journey. A new place explored, a new road discovered and another beautiful day to have enjoyed the wonderful scenery of Andalucia.  

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