Wednesday, 29 December 2010


The weather continues to be sunny, though not very warm at about 9°C, so today we headed south towards Ronda and then beyond by taking the A-369 road into the Genal Valley, with no particular destination in mind, just hoping to enjoy the scenery.
After driving through thick fog in Ronda, I was beginning to have doubts that our journey was worthwhile. However, a few kilometres south of the town we rose above the fog and stopped to take these few pictures of the mists in the valleys below.

After about six kilometres we saw a sign on the left to the village of Alpandeire, so we turned off and followed the road to the pueblo.
The village was just visible through the mist below us, here pictured from one of the many viewpoints along the road.

We parked on the main road at the top of the village and walked down through the narrow streets to explore further.

An unusually decorated house.
A statue of Brother Leopold of Alpandeire (1866-1956), who was born in the village and is currently undergoing the process of beatification in recognition of the good works he performed during his life.

The viewpoint at the bottom on the Avenida Andalucia, that no doubt on a clear day offers spectacular views down the Genal Valley to the mountains of Morocco.

The village has a lot of natural water sources and wells.

Sitting at the centre of the pueblo is the impressive 16th century Iglesia de San Antonio de Padua , which was unfortunately closed to visitors.

I liked Alpandeire. Unspoilt with lots of narrow, well kept little streets and with many of the houses retaining what looked like old and original features.
A shame that the weather obscured the no doubt fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and scenery but still well worth a visit.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas eve (Nochebuena).....

.....and all's well in our world.
The rain has stopped at last and the sun is out although the temperature is a chilly 8°C.

Just a few familiar pictures taken from the top of town looking across Olvera to the hills and mountains beyond, a view I never grow tired of.

Whatever you are doing over Christmas and wherever you may be, have a great Christmas and best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Time to stop now......

.........the rain that is.
After at least three nights of heavy rain, coupled with thunder and lightning, we would like it to stop now.
Out for a walk with Calcetines this afternoon, just a few pics of the rain soaked streets. Temperatures though are not too bad, generally staying at about 12°C.

Looking down Calle Bellavista.

As we neared home, the sun broke through the clouds, giving welcome respite from the rain.

The view down Calle Azuaca.

Not very clear in this picture but water was cascading off the roof of this house onto the street.

Monday, 20 December 2010

El Belen de la Ermita de Los Remedios

Continuing the theme of Christmas, we drove out this morning to the Ermita near to Olvera, hoping that there would be a nativity display.

We weren't disappointed. The patio area inside the Church had been transformed with a beautiful Belen.....depicting scenes from the birth of Jesus. So it's probably best to let the pictures tell the story.

The view of Olvera today from the Ermita.