Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Flamenco in the Plaza

After the ceremony in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, we walked to the Plaza de Andalucia where the celebrations were to continue with flamenco music and the eating of traditional chorizada - chorrizo and bread.
We were lucky enough to be able to sit at a table at Bar Mi Pueblo and watch the preparations of the Cuadro Flamenco group as they warmed up before their performance.

It wasn't too long when, after a change of clothes, the group returned to the stage. The singer Laura Román, accompanied by the guitar of Silvio starting proceedings with a rendition of typical flamenco music.

Laura Román.
After a few intense and passionate songs, the dancer Carmen Torres came onto the stage.
Along with the fabulous guitar playing and singing came a stunning display of passionate, energetic, sensual flamenco dance that was admired, appreciated and applauded by all watching.

Absolutely stunning.

After a short break, the group returned in different costume for their final performance.

Boy, am I glad that I didn't miss this. Fantastic. A short video below hopefully shows more of the fantastic performers.
A short video of part of the magical performance.

Andalucia Day

Today was a public holiday in Andalucia, commemorating the referendum in 1980 in which the population voted to create the autonomous region of Andalucia.
The proceedings started at about 1pm with the lowering and raising of the Andalucian flag on the balcony of the Ayuntamiento.

The Band of Olvera were present providing excellent musical support as always.
The local dignitaries were present with the town mayor Fernando Fernández, hands folded, centre front of picture.
It was a beautiful 21°C day, not a cloud in sight.

Our friend Javier getting a good photo for his blog.
After a short while, the band led a procession on a short circuit of town while we headed to the Plaza de Andalucia to continue the celebrations.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Steen and Bodil

On a sunny, very warm 20°C+ day, it was our pleasure to meet up again at Bar Valentinos with Bodil and Steen from Denmark, here on holiday at their home in Olvera.
We enjoyed their company for a pleasant couple of hours in the warm sunshine, chatting about many different things over drinks and delicious tapas.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Gran pasacalles de Carnaval

The Grand Parade. The final and best procession of Carnaval week, when all of the amazing participants come together and parade through the town, dancing, singing and just generally having fun.
We walked the short distance to Calle Llana to watch the parade forming up for the procession.

The pictures unfortunately do not convey the fantastic atmosphere of the event but as you view them try to imagine the band playing, whistles blowing, laughter, dancing, singing and general merriment.

Big Mac anyone.....
......or Pizza perhaps!.
No, there's nothing wrong with this picture. He just came over for a rest.
Steen, who we met a couple of days ago, in position for a good shot.
A personal blessing from the priest.

The Guardia Civil were also participating.

Pigs might not be able to fly but it appears that horses certainly can.
Scary wolves.....brilliant.

Our lovely friend Lorena and her son.

What do they say about dogs and their owners looking alike!
Age is no barrier to having fun.
My zooms bigger than yours....ha,ha.
Another friend Mari and daughter Nuria.

The last float passes by at the end of the best and largest procession we've seen in the five years we've been watching. Congratulations to all who took part and all who helped arrange and organise the parades and events. Many, many thanks for bringing a huge smile to our faces over the last week. Brilliant.