Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Baños Arabes - The Arab Baths

A shopping trip to Ronda today and also an opportunity to visit the ancient Arab Baths. We walked into the old town through the Archway of Philip V, built in 1742 on the remains of an original Moorish arch.
The Arab Baths are located beneath and on the outside of the walls of the old Moorish city.
Referred to as the Roman bridge, it has undergone many repairs over many centuries but is thought to be one of the oldest access points to Ronda from the north.
The baths were built between the 13th and 14th centuries and are considered to be the best preserved in Spain. The location of the baths is no accident, being close to the city gates and next to the river, allowing visitors to bathe and cleanse themselves before entering the city.

All light is provided through openings in the roof, allowing shafts of natural sunlight to enter.

A short audio-visual presentation of the baths history, in spanish and english, takes place at regular intervals in one of the rooms.
Looking up from the baths to the 16th century "Old Bridge", built to improve access to the city as it expanded.
Coats were on but the temperature today was a reasonably warm 11°C.

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