Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Small steps

Still not up to wandering around at the moment so just a few pictures of the views today from our roof terrace on a misty, sunny day with a temperature of about 12°C.

 Ongoing work on a house reform nearby. I envy the amount of insulation and protection that has gone into the roof alone.

 Looking up Calle Azuaga.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Andalucia Day

To celebrate Andalucia Day on Friday 28th February, the Ayuntamiento have scheduled a series of events as follows:

Between 11.00hrs and 11.30hrs in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, speeches and a reading of the declaration that created Andalucia as an automonous region of Spain on the 28th February 1980. The formal speeches will be followed by a performance by the "Banda de Música de Olvera" and then at 12.00hrs the band will parade through the streets of the town eventually returning to the Plaza de Andalucia.
At 13.30hrs in the Plaza de Andalucia, free Chicharrones and chorizo followed by a performance from the excellent flamenco group "La Fragua".
In case of rain, all events will take place at the Indoor Sports Centre. As always, please check the Town Hall website here for accuracy.

Carnaval 2014

"Carnaval" time is nearly upon us and the schedule of events has been published by the Town Hall as follows:

Saturday 1st March at 18.00hrs at the Indoor Sports Centre. The opening proclamation of Carnival 2014.
Sunday March 2nd at 17.00hrs at the Indoor Sports Centre. A Carnival party with popular snacks and performances by the local Chirigota groups "Los que no se pierden una (los voluntarios), Aquí hay candela and Los que salen por la Tele". Also the presentation of awards in the Carnival Mask competition. 
Tuesday March 4th at 16.00hrs. A parade from of the pupils and students from the schools E.E.I. Gloria Fuertes, C.E.P. San José de Calasanz and C.E.I.P. Miguel de Cervantes, arriving at at the Indoor Sports Centre at 17.30hrs for a children's party and entertainment.
Wednesday 5th March at 10.00hrs. A parade of the infants from E.I. Olivo school on Calle Julián Besteiro arriving at the Indoor Sports Centre at 11.30hrs for a party and entertainment.
Thursday 6th March 19.00hrs until 24.00hrs at the Indoor Sports Centre. Performances and music from DJ Pérez.
Friday March 7th commencing at 19.30hrs. The Chirogota groups will be performing at various bars in town on routes as follows; 
Route 1."Los que no se pierden una" - Bar La Noria, Bar El Patio, Bar Copacabana, Bar Juanito Gómez, Bar La Jarrita, Bar Bocanegra, Bar Avenida, Bar Piscina Municipal and finally Cafe Manhattan.
Route 2. "Aqui hay Candela" - Hotel Sierra y Cal, Disco Pub El Frenazo, Bar Mi Pueblo, Cervecería Los Arbolitos, Bar Las Niñas, Bar Lirios, Bar El Traguito, Pub El Bruja and finally at Pub Más Madera.
Route 3. "Los que salen por la Tele" - Cafetería Hipanova, Bar El Parque, Cervecería Entrecaminos, Restaurante Gaby, Restaurante La Bodega, Restaurante Alfonso, Restaurante El Puerto,, Peña Madrilista and finally Café Bar Buddha.
Saturday 8th March commencing at 16.00hrs from Calle Llana. A grand carnival procession starting from Calle Llana and proceeding along Calles Victoria, Calvario, Plaza de la Concordia, Julián Besteiro, Cañada Real, Veredo de Pino and Los Ángeles, finishing at the fairground.
Between 19.00hrs and 24.00hrs a party with entertainment provided by DJ Chivo.
At 20.00hrs, judging and presentation of prizes for the best carnival costumes.
Between 02.00hrs and 06.00hrs, entertainment and music provided by DJ Pérez. 
Sunday 9th March at 13.30hrs in the Plaza de Andalucia (or the Indoor Sports Centre in case of rain). Performances by the Chirigota groups "Los shuntenticos chunguitos" from Seville and "Los niños cantores de viena ó de manolete". Also party games, face painting and bouncy castles for the children.

As always, please check the Town Hall website here for accuracy of times and information.
Have a great time at what I consider to be the best event of the Olvera calendar.  

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What next

Well, it will take awhile to regain my strength and to catch up with responding to emails and other necessary tasks but slowly over the next few days to a week I hope to regain some sort of routine. Hopefully it won't be too long before we're once again wandering the streets of Olvera and beyond, putting more pictures of the place we love on our blog. Can't wait.

Back home

After an unintentional two week stay in Ronda Hospital I am now back at home. What started as a minor infection in mid January spread quickly through my kidney to my lungs, resulting in pneumonia and other complications developing.
All better now though and I cannot thank the doctors, nurses and all other staff for their magnificent skill and care during my time there. Many thanks also to our friends in Olvera and further afield, and family of course, who rallied around with practical help and good deeds, giving your love and support at the time when we needed it most. No names, you know who you are. Everyone of you outstanding and very special people.
Never least,  to my lovely special wife Anne who has borne the emotional turmoil of the last few weeks with love, fortitude, patience and the strength of the Welsh. I love you to bits.

Después de una involuntaria estancia de dos semanas en el Hospital Ronda, ahora estoy de vuelta en casa. Lo que comenzó como una infección menor a mediados de enero se extendió rápidamente a través de mi riñón para mis pulmones, dando lugar a la neumonía y otras complicaciones en desarrollo. 
Mucho mejor ahora, sin embargo, y no puedo agradecer a los médicos, enfermeras y todo el personal por su magnífica destreza y cuidado durante mi tiempo allí. Muchas gracias también a nuestros amigos en Olvera y en otros lugares, y la familia, por supuesto, que se reunieron en torno a la ayuda práctica y las buenas obras, dando a su amor y apoyo en el momento cuando más lo necesitábamos. No hay nombres, ustedes saben quienes son. Cada uno de ustedes excepcional y gente muy especial. 
Nunca menos, a mi encantadora esposa Anne especial que ha llevado la confusión emocional de las últimas semanas con el amor, la fortaleza, la paciencia y la fuerza de los galeses. Te amo en pedazos.