Monday, 2 May 2011

Lunes de Quasimodo - Quasimodo Monday

Quasimodo day is held annually on the second Monday following Easter Sunday and celebrates the day in 1715, when after a long period of drought that brought devastation to agriculture and livestock in the area and after prayers to the towns patron the Virgen de Los Remedios, the rains came.

Ever since, the people of Olvera have gathered in the nearby fields surrounding the Ermita de los Remedios to give thanks and celebrate with dance, music and just generally to have a good time.

So on an overcast morning, we walked downtown to watch the procession of floats wind its way from the Feria ground to the Ermita.

The weather didn't dampen the spirits of the participants who were determined to enjoy the fiesta.

We arrived at the Ermita before the procession so we sat for a while inside. Upon leaving, we noticed this display of cakes and party sweets, traditional for the occasion.

The procession nears its destination.

Horses and their riders are a traditional part of the event.

Looking across to Olvera.

One of about a dozen decorated floats.

Our neighbour Ana on the right with a friend.

A brilliant day and all credit to those determined to carry on the tradition and enjoy it regardless of the weather.

A short video below of the procession and the fun that was had by all.

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