Thursday, 28 February 2008

Andalucia Day

Today was Andalucia Day, a public holiday, commemorating and celebrating the day in 1978 when the region of Andalucia was formed from the provinces of Huelva, Sevilla, Cordoba, Jaen, Almeria, Granada, Malaga and of course Cadiz where we live.
The event started in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento at 11am with some speeches and poetry readings and music supplied by the excellent Band of Music of Olvera.

The picture right shows one of the poets reciting his stuff which regrettably we were unable to understand but was well received by the assembled crowd.

At about midday the festivities moved to the Plaza de Andalucia where the bands were to play and the free sherry, wine and chorizo (spicy sausage) were to be dished out.

On stage are "El Vagabundo" from Olvera.

"Los de San Antonio", also from Olvera.

The group pictured right and below were called "La Banda del Capitán Veneno" from Cadiz city and they were brilliant, on stage for just over an hour.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Villaluenga del Rosario

We had passed by this village on our way to Ubrique so we decided to stop off on our return journey and what a gem it turned out to be.
Without waxing lyrical about cleanliness, feel of the place, location etc, etc this was without a doubt the best place we have ever visited......AND WE WANT TO LIVE HERE!!.

This picture is of the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall).

It was only a small village but everything about it felt right....if you know what I mean.
There was only one downside, which was quite surprising for such a small place....the bullring.
But as we have said before on previous blogs, we respect the Spanish traditions even if we don't particularly like them and I think we would be prepared to put up with this one if in the future we ever have the opportunity to move here. This will probably be unlikely as on our wander around we only saw one house for sale. Still, we can always dream can't we!

Walking towards the village square.

The village square. You can just imagine at Fiesta time, everyone in their traditional costumes dancing the Flamenco.
This chap was just re-varnishing some tables on the edge of the square.

The Bullring.

What a smashing place. One day perhaps.............


Ubrique is about 70kms southwest of Olvera, about an hours drive over the mountains on the other side of the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park.
We had read about it in a local magazine so decided to take a drive and have a look.
As usual, on arrival we parked at the bottom of town and started to head upwards. As a rule, we always head for the "Ayuntamiento" or Town Hall as invariably it is situated in a Plaza in the old part of town.

Ubrique is a fairly big town and the pictures right were taken on the road leading into town.

The Plaza where the Ayuntamiento was located.

Walking beyond the square we wound our way upwards through pretty streets decorated with numerous flower pots and window boxes.
The following pics give just a flavour.

We eventually arrived at a viewpoint and took a few pictures looking over the town.

The article we had read mentioned a church at the top of town called the "Iglesia de San Antonio", which was normally locked but if you knocked on a door in the courtyard a very pleasant lady would appear and open up for you. We duly found the church, knocked on the door and the lady came out and opened up for us.
The plaque pictured above is on the outside wall of the courtyard entrance.

Looking towards the altar.

Looking from the altar towards the main entrance.

For her kindness, we put a few euro's in the collection box whereupon we were then ushered out past the altar to a room at the back of the church. Another small door was opened and we were invited out to a terrace with great views over the town. The lady kindly took this shot of us.

All in all, a very pleasant place to visit and while away a few hours.

Sunday, 24 February 2008


Today we fancied a change so decided to take the short ten minute drive to Pruna, our nearest village.
There is an english run bar/restaurant called "The Miramar" in the centre and we fancied a lunch of roast beef and yorkshire pud for a change.
View of Pruna as you enter the village.

The picture's right and below are of the Plaza de Libertad, the main square in the village.

We arrived at the Miramar about 12.30'ish and settled down for a few beers.....well at least I did as Anne was driving. The picture' right is of the square outside of the bar.

For Dave and Heather in Tallarubias.......Richard, Anne and Alfie were sat on the table next to us and send their regards. They apologise for not having been in touch but as yet do not have internet access. Their apartment is still being done and they hope to move in by May. Will be in touch soon.

Richard and Anne were a lovely couple who had moved out to Spain at the same time as us so we had a pleasant couple of hours chatting over experiences and problems that were common to us all. We hope we will bump into them again sometime.
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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Just wanderin' in Olvera

I came across the small alleyway pictured right, entered from a small Plaza, and remembered that it was where we viewed a property on our first trip to Olvera in September 2006. It was potentially a lovely house with a bit of work to be done on it, two roof terraces, but unfortunately a little out of our budget if you added in the refurbishment costs. According to the estate agent's website, it is still for sale.

Work still ongoing throughout the town to replace the old drainage systems.

Here's a nice "des res" for someone with a few bob to spare. Bet you could get this for a song.

The Adult Education Centre, where we go on Friday morning's for our spanish language lessons.

This is the newest Plaza in Olvera, built above a restaurant which is yet to open. Hopefully, the restaurant will be open by the summer as the views from here towards the village of Pruna and beyond are spectacular.

A mural on a wall at the bottom end of town. Not sure what it is meant to depict but it certainly brightens up what would otherwise be a plain wall.

An impressive entrance to one of the older houses at the top of town.

A tiled plaque depicting the "Nuestra Senora De Los Remedios", patron saint of Olvera, at the entrance to the Plaza de Ayuntamiento (Town Hall square).

Oh, and yes, I did eventually find a card.
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