Sunday, 31 March 2013

Fuente Alta

 It would probably have been more carbon friendly to just leave our empty water bottles outside the front door and refill them with the constant rainfall that we are having at the moment.
 However, a drive instead to the "Fuente Alta" at Algodonales and the fast flow of water is a testament to a very, very wet March, reported here as being the wettest since 1947.
The water is spilling over the fountain walls and even finding its way through the cracks.

 Stopping off for a few pictures of a cloudy Olvera on the way back.


I think I've mentioned on our blog before about the wonderful cloud formations we are so fortunate to witness above and around us here in Andalusia.
 Here, a few pictures (slightly enhanced to accentuate the formations) taken a couple of days ago of what I thought was an interesting, rolling mass of cloud, thankfully passing us by on it's way to a storm somewhere else.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Breakfast at La Noria

We were really pleased this morning to meet up for a coffee with Randy and Lene from Canada and Bill and Bonnie from Knoxville, Tennessee. Bill and Bonnie are here in Olvera for two months enjoying all that Olvera and Andalucia has to offer and have created a blog of their adventures with some great pictures here. We have tried to convince them to continue their blog when they return to the United States as I'm sure they have many more adventures to come that I for one will enjoy reading about.
Randy is having a well earned rest after a week of playing his tuba at a variety of Semana Santa events with the Santa Ana Band of Olvera.  Well done to him and thanks to Paco, the bar owner, for taking a great picture.
After a short while we were also joined by Eamon who hails from Ireland, so quite an international gathering.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Procesión del Santo Entierro

 Sadly, the final procession of Holy Week, that depicting the Holy Burial, was cancelled tonight due to heavy fog and the damp conditions.
The Plaza del Ayuntamiento barely visible from the Church.
Quite a few people would be saddened tonight, in particular those such as these young Nazarenos below who despite the smiles to camera must have been very disappointed at not having the opportunity to participate.

These three lovely young ladies were happy to pose in the traditional mourning dress befitting this sombre occasion, each wearing their "Mantilla", a beautiful and delicate lace veil that covers the head and shoulders. 

It was also sad for the "Agrupación Música Nuestra Padre Jesús" who had travelled all the way from Granada to play in the procession.

Procesión del Cristo de la Vera-Cruz y Maria Santísima de la Esperanza

Anne and I walked up to the Plaza de la Iglesia to watch the start of this evenings procession, scheduled to commence at 8pm.

The Nazarenos appeared at about 8.30pm followed by the first of the two Paso's in the procession.

The Paso in Calle Victoria.

 The procession enters the Plaza de la Concordia.

The ever improving "Banda de Cornetas y Tambores Santa Ana de Olvera" providing another excellent performance.

I'm normally biased towards the bands of Olvera but I have to say that the "Agrupación Municipal de Música El Carpio (Cordoba)" were one of the best bands that I've seen perform at this type of event, not only playing their instruments superbly, marching in perfect step but singing as well.

 Taking the strain after a rest break. As I write this post, I can just hear the music of the procession returning to the Iglesia Mayor Parroquial, nearly five and a half hours after leaving the Plaza. Another brilliant example of teamwork, devotion and dedication by all those who participated, very much appreciated by all of the onlookers.