Wednesday, 29 April 2009

En la azotea (on the roof)

Phase two complete.......the terrace is painted Just the inside to do now, within the next couple of weeks we hope.
It's been a lovely day today, warm with some cloud, perfect for watching paint dry.

The forecast for the next couple of days is sunny and 21°C.

Just a few views from the terrace. My apologies that some of these images are the same or similar to those in previous posts but I've got to say that I never ever get tired of the views from the terrace, regardless of the weather, and sometimes we have to pinch ourselves that we have had the chance to live in such a beautiful location.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Misty day

After a lovely, warm, sunny day yesterday when we sat and had a really enjoyable lunch with our friends Dan and Alison at Bar Mi Pueblo, the weather today has taken a turn for the worse. Temperatures are down to about 14°C.
It's so inconsistent at the day warm and sunny, the next grey and cloudy.
So just a few pictures, taken at about 11'ish this morning from the farm just outside of Olvera whilst on an "agua" run.

Hopefully the weather will get better tomorrow and for the rest of the week.
Tomorrow is "paint the terrace red day" and Friday is the Alcala de Valle Romeria, a day of fiesta, dancing and events, that takes place at the Convento de Caños Santos, a lovely location not too far from Olvera.
So fingers crossed for sunny days seems ages since the last party!!.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

In between showers

What a difference today in the weather. Showers during the night continuing into this morning until just after midday and temperatures dropping to the mid teens.....positively mucho frio.
A couple of pics from the terrace.

The view of Olvera taken from Cabańas, on the road between Olvera and El Gastor.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Pottering about

Another lovely morning with temperatures at about 22°C and clear blue skies. We wandered down to the market to our favourite stall, the one that sells liquorice in many shapes and colours. Also dates, spices, figs and olives with whole crunchy garlic cloves....yummy.

Lots of shoppers this morning, out for a bargain.

The view looking up Calle de Bellavista towards where the market is held.

The lemon and orange tree's lining the street.

Plaza de la Concordia and below Avenida de Julián Besteiro.

The start of the trek home up Calle del Calvario.
It's nice to see quite a few houses decorating their windows and balconies with pot plants, a few more than last year we think.

Halfway home, looking up Calle de la Victoria. Unfortunately, due to vandalism, the statue of the two boys playing leapfrog outside the photographer's shop (at the top of the street here) has now been completely removed. So now, rather than leaning on the statue, we pretend to look in the shop window while desperately trying to recover our breath.

The Iglesia Santa Maria de la Victoria.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Just hanging around.....

A beautiful day today with temperatures I would estimate in the mid to high twenties. At about four this afternoon, I walked up to the Barrio de la Villa (old town) to see if there were any further developments on Mark and Kelly's bar conversion.
Stopping on the way to take in the views, more an excuse to regain my breath, just a few pics today looking south and west over Olvera.

While scanning the views, I came across this hang glider. It was losing height and circling around looking for a place to land just on the outskirts of town.

Safely down, I headed off home to enjoy a vino tinto on the terrace.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Casa de Ana y Alan

Our little house was looking a bit tired and jaded after this winter and also since it's last paint two years ago. After receiving a favourable quote, we were really pleased when Manolo and Juan turned up this morning to start the re-painting.

At the crack of dawn, 8.30am to us, scaffolding was erected and the scrapers came out to remove the flaking paint and loose material. With a short break for breakfast and another for lunch, they continued through to completion at seven this evening.

A brilliant job and we would recommend them anytime.

Manolo, busy at work.

Anne clearing up at lunchtime.

Completed for another few years we hope. Flower pots to go back in place. Next week, the terrace. Next month the inside rooms. Never ending. This retirement lark is hard work !!.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Romería del Lunes de Quasimodo

It was a quiet day in Olvera today, due mainly to the exodus of a large part of the population to the campo to celebrate "Quasimodo Day".
The origin of the event goes back to 1715, when the people of Olvera in desperation to end a terrible drought, went in procession to the Santuario Nuestra Senora de Los Remedios, the Ermita just outside of town. They prayed to their patron, the Virgin de Los Remedios, participated in events of dance and music and the drought was miraculously ended.
Ever since, the people of Olvera have met every year in the hills around the Ermita to celebrate the event.

We joined the proceedings this morning at the Piscina, where the collection of caravans were forming for the procession through town.
The party mood was definately in evidence.
Enough of my ramblings. I'll just let the pictures, of which there are quite a few, hopefully convey the fun of the occasion.

Anne's friend Chari, seeing we were suffering from lack of alchohol, came over to offer us a drink.

Just a few pictures of the beautiful ladies in their equally beautiful dresses.

Our friend Loli, happy to pose.

The Santuario Nuestra Senora de Los Remedios, focal point of the celebration.

The occasion is a real family and community event and the hills around are covered with tents and awnings.

Plenty of stalls to indulge those shopaholics too !!

The view of Olvera from the campo.

Beautifully groomed horses (and riders) are a major part of the proceedings.

We came across a gathering of horsemen and women competing in a game of horsemanship and skill. They were attempting to spear a ringed piece of ribbon hanging between two trees with what looked like a pencil.
Much to the delight of the crowd, after four runs, a young lady rider had managed to get three ribbons and was leading the competition.

Amongst many friends that we met was our neighbour Maricarmen and her daughter, the tallest young lady, pictured here with her friends.
Anne with Rosa.