Thursday, 30 September 2010

Autumn events

The Town Hall have just published the list of organised events taking place in Olvera during autumn, which may be of interest to both residents and visitors alike. As follows:
October 6th, 13th and 20th at 17.00hrs in the Adult Education Centre. Creative Writing Workshops.
October 6th at 18.00hrs in the Casa de la Cultura. A children's film "Animal".
October 8th at 20.00hrs in the Casa de la Cultura. An evening of poems by José Roman Toledo of Olvera with music by José Moncayo, a singer of flamenco from Arriate.
October 13th at 18.00hrs in the Casa de la Cultura. A children's film "The Brave Despereaux".
October 19th at 21.00hrs in the Casa de la Cultura. A Spanish/Argentinian adult film "The Widows of Thursday" directed by Marcelo Piñeyro.
October 20th at 18.00hrs in the Casa de la Cultura. A children's film "Ice Age 3".
October 21st at 21.00hrs in the Casa de la Cultura. MDM theatre presents "Fun in the summer.
October 26th at 18.00hrs in the Casa de la Cultura. An adult film "Mammoth" directed by Lukas Moodysson.
October 27th at 18.00hrs in the Casa de la Cultura. A children's film "Monsters vs. Aliens".
October 28th at 21.00hrs in the Casa de la Cultura. YMEDIO theatre presents "The Legend of Master Peter".
2nd November at 21.00hrs in the Casa de la Cultura, A Chilean adult film "The Nanny" directed by Sebastián Silva.
4th November at 21.00hrs in the Casa de la Cultura. Al Jaleo theatre presents "La muerta y la doncella" (The dead and the maiden).
8th November at 16.30hrs at the CIS Gloria Fuertes. A reading event involving the parents of 3-5 year olds.
9th November at 21.00hrs in the Casa de la Cultura. An Argentinian adult film "Two brothers" directed by Daniel Burman.
16th November at 21.00hrs in the Casa de la Cultura. A French adult film "Villa Amalia" directed by Benoit Jacquot.
28th November at 12.00hrs in the Casa de la Cultura. A puppet theatre presentation of "Rapunzel and the Emperor's suit".

As always, no doubt a little has been lost in translation so please check here to confirm the accuracy of events.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Sometimes, friends mention places to visit that ordinarily we wouldn't have thought of.
Such a place is Casarabonela, mentioned to us by friends Bob and Lynn as definitely worth a visit.
So, we set off at about 10.30 this morning, heading east and then south on the A-357 Campillos-Malaga road. Turning onto the A-354 near to Pizarra, Casarabonela was a further 10 kms on.

Our first views of the pueblo nestling in the shelter of the mountains.

A roadside shrine just outside the town.

It was just about 11.45 when we parked our car near to the "Arco Fuente del Cristo", constructed just after the spanish civil war (1936-39).

An ornate and unusual entrance and facade.

Very noticeable were the number of freshwater fountains throughout the town.

After a short uphill stroll through the narrow streets, we came to the very pleasant Plaza de Buenavista that offered stunning views across the valley below.

We sat for a while, enjoying a coffee at the bar Nuevo in pleasantly warm temperatures of about 27°C.

The Ayuntamiento (Town Hall).
Moving on and just a short distance away was the 16th century Iglesia Parroquial de Santiago Apóstol. The sign outside said that it was beautifully decorated with interesting crypts, also housing a museum of silverware and religious items. Unfortunately it was closed.

Another beautifully tiled fountain.

The streets were all very clean and tidy.

On what appeared to be the main street, Avenida de Juan XXIII, this chimney tower had been preserved from the time in the late 19th century when it formed part of the generating system providing power to the town from 1901 onwards.

We really liked Casarabonela and looking at the link to the town website (above) there is clearly a lot more to see that we missed on this trip. Another time perhaps.
We left the town on a different route towards Ronda, initially on the A-354, before turning onto the A-366 through the natural park of the Sierra de las Nieves passing by the towns of Alozaina and Yunquera, both set in superb locations and logged in the "to do" list of future visits.

Just on the edge of El Burgo was the Venta El Yoni where we stopped to enjoy a light lunch from a very extensive menu.

El Burgo.
I know I rattle on sometimes about the stunning beauty and the fabulous scenery of Andalucia but the drive between Casarabonela and Ronda was one of the most scenic and beautiful routes that we have come across in our travels.
In distance terms, we did about 180kms (111 miles) on this trip, taking a leisurely six hours on a circular route.
My pictures do not do it justice so if you ever get the opportunity you won't be disappointed. We'll certainly return again in the not too distant future.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

A rose between the thorns... an expression describing something of beauty set between two or more objects with lesser qualities and I've tried to capture this in these few pictures of Olvera taken from the main A-384 road this morning.

We know we've acclimatized when a temperature of 20°C, as it is today, feels distinctly chilly but we're definitely not getting the woolie jumpers out yet!!.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Autumn arrives

With autumn officially starting yesterday and a mild autumn predicted, temperatures have dropped slightly over the past few days to just above the mid twenties centigrade, still very pleasant for a stroll around. Here, looking up Calle Tafetanes.
So today, a few pictures of blue skies and wispy clouds on our walk around the block at 4pm this afternoon. Calle San Ildefonso.
Walking down Calle Moron and below looking back up.

Calle Socorro and below the natural spring on Vereda Junco, not fit for human consumption but regularly used by horses and cattle.

The old road west out of Olvera.

Looking up to the Iglesia.

The views to the south......

...and to the west.

Personally, I think this is the best viewpoint in Olvera, offering stunning views to the south and west.

Looking up Calle Cruz.

Calle Salada.