Wednesday, 18 July 2012

New Residency Card

It may be of interest to our readers to know that the law regarding Residency in Spain has changed.  The former A4 size paper certificate, valid for five years from date of issue, has now been replaced upon renewal with a credit card sized EU Citizen Registration Certificate allowing permanent residence in Spain (some personal details such as NIE number and home address have been erased from the images). An unofficial translation of the new law has been published by the British Embassy in Madrid here.
We found this out in April when we went to the National Police station to change the name on Anne's NIE certificate from her maiden to our married name. We were told that the NIE had expired as it was only valid for three months from date of issue and that we had to replace it with the new type Registration Card when our old A4 certificate expired in July 2012.   
Subsequently, last week we drove to the National Police station in Cadiz armed with:
a) Proof (with photocopies) that we were registered for health care in Spain, either in the state public health system or private health care.
b) A declaration (plus photocopies) from our bank that we had the financial means to support ourselves in Spain either through work or pension income or evidence of sufficient savings.
c) Passports and copies of.
d) A completed application Form EX-18.
e) The Modelo 790 Tax Form for paying the 10,30€ fee (probably available at the police station). 
f) Our old A4 Residency Certificates.

There is certainly a lot of confusion and discussion about the new requirements as shown on the forums here and here. There is also an inference that an expired (over three months old) NIE will no longer be accepted when, for example, it was previously required for purchasing a mobile phone or new car.

This post is not intended to interpret or explain the new law, only to share our personal experience and provide information to anyone who may be affected.


Anonymous said...

I have exactly the same card but when entering my card number (assume its the number on back of card) for discounts on Spanish flights keep getting message number/format not correct. Help any ideas please.

Alan and Anne said...

I believe the number on the back of the card is purely the registration number of the card. When booking flights or using it for other official purposes within Spain, the NIE number on the front of the card is the one normally recognised.

Ian Malpass said...

Thanks for the information Alan, we now have our residency cards!! A word of warning for the employed/self employed though. Cádiz police had no access to employment records (as stated in the translation on the Embassy website) so you need to take your alta de autonomo/contract and social security number (the original document issued on registration)plus copies.
Thanks again for posting details of your experience. It was a great help.

Alan and Anne said...

Many thanks for the additional info Ian and we're glad that our post was useful. Cheers.