Friday, 27 July 2012

La Banda del Pelón

Tonight we walked down to Vereda Ancha to watch a performance of "Flamenco Fusion" (age and aching bones are no barrier) by the group "La Banda del Penón" from the pueblo of El Coronil.
We arrived at just after the advertised start time of 10pm and sat watching the band warming up before they disappeared for what we thought was a change of costume. After sitting for about 35-40 minutes on a quite chilly evening we, amongst several others in the audience, were about to give up when they returned to start their performance. 

We were glad that we stayed as the singing, music and the guitarist in particular were very good and worth waiting for. 

 It was a slight shame that there wasn't a larger audience, perhaps because of the chilly evening, but those in attendance were very appreciative of the groups performance.

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