Monday, 29 April 2013

Beyond annoying - Camera update

After spending the last two days mulling over the specifications for a possible replacement camera for my dusty Panasonic Lumix, checking and re-checking data, cost and reviews, I experienced a very rare moment of inspiration.
Dismantling the camera to remove the dust was a very complicated option and without a "clean air"environment it would probably have caused more problems than would be solved. And then EUREKA, a light came on in the dark and distant recesses of the rapidly receding grey matter. If dust had got into the lens through a miniscule opening somewhere in the camera then surely by applying a high pressure blast of air into and around all openings and seals, the offending material should be dislodged.
So, off to the petrol station to apply a high tech solution. Blast the camera with the high pressure air hose used for vehicle tyres and hope for the best. And guess what, it worked, much to the amusement of the petrol attendant who must have been wondering what a couple of  crazy foreigners were doing trying to pump up a camera. 
So for now the Lumix has a reprieve although I'm still not convinced of its reliability.
Thanks to all who kindly got in touch with alternative camera options and solutions. It was very much appreciated but at the moment all is well with in Alan's world.    

Return of the snow

 I know, I know. I said I would take a blog break but I couldn't resist a few pictures this morning, taken on my old faithful and totally reliable FinePix S9500 camera, of the snow that has returned to the nearby mountains.
Not surprisingly, the temperature this morning has dropped to a cool 9.5°C.
Here, the view south towards the Sierra de Grazalema.

The distant view of snow atop the aptly named Sierra de las Nieves - Mountains of the Snow. 

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Beyond annoying.....

........and totally and utterly frustrating was the discovery upon returning home this morning that yet again my camera had ingested some minute particles of dust into the lens, only noticeable after downloading the pictures to my laptop.

 This is particularly annoying as I've only had this camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ20, for just over fourteen months, this being the second Lumix in a row I've had that has developed the exact same problem.  

So, I have decided that this may be an ideal time to take a "blog break" for a week or two while I contemplate and consider whether to purchase a new camera.......which will definitely NOT be a Lumix. Takes great pictures but very poor build quality.   

 The new location of Bar Mi Pueblo is taking shape on Avenida Julián Besteiro, opposite the petrol station.

Tapas Tours - Walking and activity group

We are happy to give a mention to a walking and activity group (see a previous post here) who are once again meeting up in Olvera in May for a series of activities and would extend a warm welcome to anyone  who would like to join them. Three walks and three coach outings (for which there will be a small charge) are planned as follows:

Monday 6th May. A circular walk of approximately 10 miles (16 kilometres) stopping at Pruna for lunch.
Tuesday 7th May. A coach trip to El Rocio, centre for the Doñana National Park, a beautiful town with many sites of interest.
Wednesday 8th May. A 7 mile (11 kilometres) circular walk starting at Jimera de Libar returning for tapas and entertainment at Bar Alioli and then walking the five miles (8 kiliometres) to the pueblo of Benaojan.
Friday 10th May. A choice of two walks, one with Eira and one with Eric, centred upon the beautiful pueblo of Grazalema. Food and drink will need to be carried.
Saturday 11th May. A coach trip to the Jerez Feria. Leaving at midday for a great day and night of fun, returning late to Olvera.
Sunday 12th May. A coach trip to El Puerto de Santa Maria where you can relax on the beach, enjoy the sites of the old town and take advantage of the many bars and restaurants.

If you wish to join in with any of the activities, please contact Eric directly at email who will be happy to provide more information.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Back home

 After a short visit to the UK it was good to be home and feel the warmth of the sun again. Not that the weather in England was bad over the weekend but it's not quite the same as the blue skies of Andalucia.  
Anyway, just a few catch up pictures on a warm, slightly windy 20°C day. It's nearly time to take to the roads in search of the amazing displays of wild flowers that abound in the countryside at this time of year, in particular poppies of course.  

 Views to the castle and below to the north from the terrace of our friends Bob and Lynn's house.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Electricity cut

It may useful for our readers to know that this Sunday (21st) there will be a cut in the electricity throughout the whole of Olvera and Torre Alháquime between the hours of 07.30 and 13.00. 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Winter into summer

We seem to have completely missed the Spring season this year, jumping straight from a damp, dull and cool  February/March into daily sunshine that really started on the 6th April, the weekend of the "Romeria Lunes de Quasimodo" with today's temperature reaching a very hot 31°C.

Teamwork is definitely required in maneuvering these roof tiles onto a high building in Calle Llana. 

A welcome rest stop in the shade of Bar Repe Rayas before the last leg home.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Zahara and the Sierra de Grazalema

A beautiful 25°C day, perfect for a 30 minute drive to the pueblo of Zahara de la Sierra for lunch.
Zahara is a typical "pueblo blanco", set in a stunning location on a rocky outcrop overlooking a reservoir.

 No lack of direction here.

Spoilt for choice by the many restaurants available, we eventually chose the "Cervecería El Gallo", happily just sitting watching the world go by.
 After a couple of delicious tapas each, we headed out of the village for a trip over the other side of the Sierra towards El Bosque and home.

Olvera just visible in the far distance, here and below. 

 We stopped for a short while to stretch our legs and enjoy the stunning scenery.
 Faithful companions as always.
Looking back to the reservoir from the winding, twisting road that climbs the mountain range.
 Views on the other side of the mountain, looking down into the valley where the pueblo of Grazalema nestles. Stunning.