Friday, 5 April 2013

Will it....won't it!!

Yesterday's weather forecast was looking good for two or three days of sun, perfect for the forthcoming "Romeria Lunes de Quasimodo" weekend of events, in particular for Quasimodo Day on Monday.
 Today, the forecast has changed to more cloud and rain, as it was this morning on yet another wet day on the streets of Olvera. Here and below, the view down Calle Maestro Amado.

 Cloud and puddles all around us.
 Vereda Ancha.

  The Plaza de la Concordia from the shelter of the Adult's Learning Centre.
 Plaza de Andalucia. 
 Views here and below from the park above the Plaza.
Pruna castle in the mist.


Anonymous said...

How depressing! Whatever happened to sunny Spain?


Alan and Anne said...

Nick. True. It's not what we expected but the optimist in me says that the sun will shine through soon.