Monday, 29 April 2013

Beyond annoying - Camera update

After spending the last two days mulling over the specifications for a possible replacement camera for my dusty Panasonic Lumix, checking and re-checking data, cost and reviews, I experienced a very rare moment of inspiration.
Dismantling the camera to remove the dust was a very complicated option and without a "clean air"environment it would probably have caused more problems than would be solved. And then EUREKA, a light came on in the dark and distant recesses of the rapidly receding grey matter. If dust had got into the lens through a miniscule opening somewhere in the camera then surely by applying a high pressure blast of air into and around all openings and seals, the offending material should be dislodged.
So, off to the petrol station to apply a high tech solution. Blast the camera with the high pressure air hose used for vehicle tyres and hope for the best. And guess what, it worked, much to the amusement of the petrol attendant who must have been wondering what a couple of  crazy foreigners were doing trying to pump up a camera. 
So for now the Lumix has a reprieve although I'm still not convinced of its reliability.
Thanks to all who kindly got in touch with alternative camera options and solutions. It was very much appreciated but at the moment all is well with in Alan's world.    

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