Friday, 3 May 2013

Storm clouds and speed cameras

As I write this post it's pouring with rain and thunder and lightning is all around us.
 A few pictures of the gathering storm clouds this afternoon before the rain started.

 It's the annual Jerez MotoGP this weekend with high hopes for a Spanish win. As is usual, local youngsters gather under the bridge on the main road to cheer the passing bikers.
 Our friend Steve has also advised us that the Guardia Civil are out in force just waiting to catch speeding drivers/riders, saying that so far five local people had been caught by mobile speed cameras in unmarked police cars parked on the roadside. I have also read that the Guardia are having a crackdown this weekend with regard to drink and drug affected drivers/riders so be aware that there will be a very visible (and invisible) police presence on the roads over this weekend in particular. 

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