Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Home care solutions

If you have a holiday home here in Olvera or in the local area and are considering home care options in your absence, then we can highly recommend a completely trustworthy, reliable and affordable solution for you.
We are very happy to provide an introduction to a local young woman who we have known personally for over five years and who speaks, writes and understands English very well. She would be happy to discuss your requirements and agree a care plan with you, such as frequency of house cleaning, washing of linen, watering of plants and most importantly ensuring your home is secure.
We stress that we offer an introduction only. Thereafter, negotiations and any subsequent agreement made is between you and the young lady concerned. We also stress that Anne and I do not gain any financial benefit in any way. References are also available if required.
So, if you want peace of mind that your property is secure and being well cared for and if this is of any interest to you then please contact us by using the "Send us a private message" option in the right hand column of our blog. We will be happy to pass your details on. 
Thank you.   

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