Saturday, 29 August 2009

Feria night

Tonight was the first night of the Feria so at 11.15 pm we waited in the queue with about a dozen others to catch the "Tren Turístico" to take us down to the Recinto Ferial (fairground).
For the first time, the Feria was taking place on a dedicated site on the edge of town so we were interested to see if the atmosphere would be the same as in previous years when it was on the streets.
After a twenty minute ride, the train dropped us right outside the fairground which was buzzing with people and music from the fifty or so Casetas, mainly private marquees that lined the main route into the fair.
We stopped off at one of the four public casetas for a drink and to watch what was going on.
Walking around, we met up with many of our friends, some of whom were adorned in beautiful, traditional dresses.
The Caseta Municipal, the main venue for concerts and dances.

The main fairground was very busy with many of the usual attractions.
We strolled around for a couple of hours, taking in the sights and sounds, before heading back on the "Tren" to home.
The Feria goes on until Monday night, culminating in a fireworks display at about three in the morning. We'll pop back again then.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Crazy Americans cause chaos in Olvera

This is Bruce on the left and Russ, who have recently bought a property here in Olvera and who tonight kindly hosted a housewarming party to which we were invited.
Bruce and Russ currently live in Wisconsin, USA, hoping perhaps eventually to settle here in Olvera in the not too distant future.

We have been corresponding with them both via email for several months and it was great to meet up with them upon their arrival here a week ago.
So far they have tried to drive their car into streets up in the old town that a donkey would have trouble going down and parked their car on newly laid pavement on Calle Bellavista causing a bit of fuss with the labourers who eventually called in the police. Luckily, Bruce is fluent in spanish so an international incident was averted. Apart from that, only two more weeks to go so watch this space for more action.

Bruce pictured with Pauline and Bill.
They are a great couple of guys, meeting and making new friends and enjoying all that Olvera has to offer so we look forward to seeing more of them in the future.

Midnight in the Plaza

A rare but pleasant event last night was to look up from the terrace and see the Church and Castle illuminated. Most of last year and certainly the year before last, they were lit up every weekend but we think that due to "La Crisis" the Ayuntamiento has severely cut back on lighting costs. However, as this is Feria week, we were pleased to see the lights on again.
So, not to miss a rare opportunity, I walked up to the Plaza de la Iglesia at midnight to take few pics.

Tonight will be our first visit to the Feria that officially opened last night with a procession by the Olvera Town Band and a Flamenco concert, although there have been quite a few concerts and dances going on during this week.
We'll head out about 11'ish and are looking forward to seeing it in the new location at the "Recinto Ferial" (fairground).
More pics to come tomorrow.....sometime !!.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sandra and Socks

It was, as always, a pleasure to welcome our lovely friend Inma to our house this morning, made even more special as she was accompanied by her cousin Sandra.
Sandra lives in Blumberg in Germany and is here for three weeks visiting her grandparents.
She last saw Socks (Calcetines) a year ago when she was living on the street and wasn't aware until she arrived in Olvera that she now had a permanent home.

Sandra came bearing many gifts for Socks, that she had bought with her pocket money.......a new collar and lead, a squeaky toy, a bandana and quite a few doggy treats.
Just like Inma, she was an absolute joy to meet and talk to. She puts us to shame, being fluent in German, Spanish and English. Oh, to be young again and have a brain that absorbs information instead of forgetting everything !!!.
She was extremely pleased to see Socks and clearly adores her.
No doubt, we'll be meeting up again many times over the next few weeks before Sandra returns home.

Flying visit

Today we were pleased to have a short visit from my sister Michelle, husband Paul and daughter Hannah.
They have been on holiday in Marbella for the past week and before flying home tonight, diverted via Olvera to spend a few hours with us.
Arriving at about 1.45 pm, we went for tapas at Juanito Gomez before climbing up to the Plaza de la Iglesia to take in the views over Olvera.

Afterwards, we wound our way down to our house for some cold drinks before it was time for Michelle and family to return to Malaga for their flight home.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Segundo servicio de coche anuales

It's unbelievable looking back on the blog that the last time we came to Moron was last August when "Nellie's" first service was due. Where does time go !!!.
Today we went back to the Kia dealership to book an appointment for her second annual service and were pleasantly surprised that they could do it straight away. So with an hour and a half to kill, we walked into the centre of Moron.

The Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) with a stork's nest on the bell tower.

When you drive into Moron from Olvera, the initial impression is of an industrial town without much character.
Do not be put off by appearances though. Walk into the centre of town and it is well laid out, with pedestrianised streets, busy shops and quite a few cafe's and bars.

The Feria season is here and we passed this shop selling the beautiful, traditional dresses associated the celebrations.

By accident we came to a Plaza and the 17th century Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Victoria y del Espíritu Santa, in front of which stood this statue of a nun, Santa Ángela de la Cruz, after whom the Plaza is named.
A brilliant comment received from our good friend Dan and posted at the bottom of this post, provides a very interesting insight into the history surrounding this statue.

Looking up to the castle from the Plaza.
We really quite like Moron and shouldn't leave it so long before we return again......definately before the third annual service !!.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Views from Bar Pimentel

A pleasant, sunny morning with the temperature at about 30°C, so what better place to sit and watch the world go by than at Bar Pimentel.
The Saturday market was on as usual. Several friends passed by, some stopping for a chat, so we sat there for about an hour enjoying the sights and sounds of the busy market.

Looking up Calle Mercado.

Walking back up Calle Mercado to home after getting our fix of liquorice for me and prunes (no dates today) for Anne, we saw our friend Antonio and his lovely dog Chico, supervising the fitting of a new front door on his house.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Al Lago de Zahara

We took a short twenty minute drive this morning to introduce Calcetines to the delights of the man made lake at Zahara.

Turning off the main A-374 Algodonales - Ronda road at the turning for El Gastor, we wound our way down a reasonably good track for 2 kms to the lakeside.

There were a group of canoeists setting out onto the lake.

Calcetines was a little wary at first but after a short while became more adventurous, paddling out into the very warm water. We should have bought Peppies old extending lead with us but unfortunately we'd left it at here's Anne fully extended instead !!.

Looking towards the beautiful "pueblo blanco" of Zahara de la Sierra".

The best way to see the lake.

We are not confident enough yet to trust her off the lead.
Prior to coming out this morning, while we were at our friend Gerry's house, she actually escaped through the bars on the window in the front room of our house. We found her in Calle Mercado, her old "street" location, happily being stroked and petted by some of the men that used to look out for her.

After about 45 minutes, we headed back to Olvera. It was a lovely spot but unfortunately it doesn't offer any shelter from the sun. Perhaps next time we'll arrive earlier in the morning (ha,ha) or later in the evening, with the extending lead, to take maximum enjoyment of the beautiful location.