Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Links to public transport sites

Hoping that it may be of use for visitors to Olvera who do not have private transport or who prefer not to hire a vehicle, we have placed a permanent label headed " Public transport links" in the right hand column of our blog.
It lists websites for bus companies and the state railway service as follows:

RENFE - An easy to follow website in English for the rail service. Please bear in mind that the nearest railway station to Olvera is Almargen - Cañete la Real.

T.G.Comes and Los Amarillos - Two bus companies that serve Olvera. Both websites are not particularly user friendly although T.G.Comes does have an English language option. With a little perseverance and by following the ticket purchasing procedure, times of buses to and from Olvera can be found. We should stress however that destinations are limited.


Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing..

Alan and Anne said...

Your comment is much appreciated and we hope the link will be of use to residents and visitors alike. Best wishes Alan and Anne.