Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A walk along the caminos

 While Anne was busy in the house, I managed to escape to explore a walk along the caminos (trails or tracks) that skirt part of the southern edge of Olvera.   
 Calle Pozuelo is a road I have never previously walked down and it produced an immediate surprise in the form of a water fountain that I never knew existed. I've no idea if the water is suitable for human consumption or not but this little dog seemed happy enough to have a drink. 

 I continued past the houses and out into the campo in temperatures of about 30°C. 

 The track leads past the water treatment works.


  The camino continues under the main A-384 road in the direction of El Gastor or diverts left just before the underpass along the Colada de la Parrilla.

 The wild flowers are stunning at this time of year.

  Looking back towards the pueblo.
 A very pleasant stroll for an hour or so led me back to the Olvera-El Gastor road and onwards to an ice cold bottle of water in the Plaza de la Concordia and yet another pleasant surprise. The "leaping boy" statue that mysteriously disappeared from Calle Victoria a couple of years ago has now reappeared in the Plaza.

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