Thursday, 24 May 2012

Bus timetable

It seems that the websites for the bus companies published in a previous posting are less than reliable, if not totally useless, in trying to find out what services are provided to and from Olvera.
So a walk this morning to the bus station in the hope of finding more reliable information. Posted on the wall is a list of operators, timings and destinations that we hope will be a more reliable guide. Why don't the bus companies put this information on their websites!!!.  


Alan Crosskey said...

To our reader from Russia. My apologies for the late reply to your enquiry as to whether this timetable is valid during the winter months. To the best of my knowledge it is a year round timetable.
Best wishes.

Paul Ramwell said...

Where actually is the bus station? Cant trace it on Google Earth?

Alan Crosskey said...

The bus station is on the corner of Calle Bellavista and Calle Estación.