Sunday, 19 August 2012

A Sunday stroll

A refreshingly cloudy, overcast morning with a temperature of about 28°C, perfect for a stroll around Olvera. Here, the views of Calle Carmona.
Calle Pilar and below Vereda Ancha.

 Calle Quevedo.
 Calle Azorin.
 A very quiet Avenida Julián Besteiro here and below. 

 Petrol pump prices are still rising, now standing at 152,80€ a litre for unleaded, the highest I've seen for a while. 
 Calle Sendero and below Calle Alberti in the newer part of town.

 Looking northwest.
The road to the east leading out of Olvera.

 Wishful thinking!.
 Calle Vereda de Pino. 

 Calle Nicaragua.
Looking up Calle Alcalá del Valle.
 The Caseta's (marquee's) have been erected on the fairground in readiness for the annual "Feria" that starts on Monday 27th August.

 Returning home on Calle Llana, the sun had nearly burnt through the cloud and temperature's were starting to rise.

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