Sunday, 29 April 2012

Traffic and torrential rain

I was alerted by the sound of helicopters flying over so headed up to the terrace for a look. I think they were monitoring the traffic returning from the Motorcycle Grand Prix at the Jerez circuit, about 90kms away.
 Although we've had more showers today, the rain that could be seen was passing about 15kms away over the Sierra de Lijar and the pueblo of Algodonales to the west. 
 Silhouettes of vultures soaring overhead.

 It seems traditional every year for the local enthusiasts to gather at the bridge over the main A-384 road and cheer the passing bikers on their way home, even more so when the MotoGP has been won by a spanish rider.  
 Unfortunately, it wasn't to be this year with victory going to Casey Stoner of Australia with two spanish riders in second and third position.

  The storm was coming closer, completely obscuring the Sierra de Lijar, so time to beat a retreat indoors.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rainy day

 After yesterday's rain threatening skies, late last night the rain came and has continued into today.
Come rain or shine though, the Calcetines Fan Club always turn out as we pass by Calle Pañolillas.

 Blue skies to the north in the direction of Pruna.
 We sheltered for a while, waiting for the shower to pass before heading home.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Stormy skies but no rain

 The threat of rain was in the air as we went for our afternoon walk, although as I write this post a couple of hours after returning home the storm clouds have passed us by.

Looking to the west.

Walking through the car park area, here and below, at the rear of the La Noria Training Centre.  

Looking west again over the Municipal Cemetery on a breezy though still warm 20°C afternoon.
 Some blue sky in evidence to the east.

 Looking down Calle Maestro Amado to the hills beyond.

 A final view of the passing rain clouds from our terrace.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Paseo de Los Remedios

 A lovely, sunny 20°C day, just right for a stroll to the Ermita de los Remedios, about two kilometres outside of town.
The walkway has definitely benefited from the renovation work that's been undertaken over the last year or so. Here looking back to the start near to the trading estate.
The walk passes by the concrete manufacturing works.
The Ermita on top of the distant hill.
 We passed by the "Lavadero de Pino", the ancient public laundry. 

But where was the clear flowing water that I pictured below in April last year?. Hopefully only a temporary situation due to the shortage of rain that we've had this winter past.

The final slope up to the Ermita.
The Ermita is believed to have been constructed in the mid 15th century and is dedicated to "La Virgen de los Remedios", the patron of Olvera

This colourful moth was resting on the wall of the main entrance as I entered the Ermita. 
Inside, the building is beautifully decorated with fresco's on the walls and ceiling and the altar bears the magnificently ornate image of the Nuestra Señora de los Remedios. 

In all our travels over the last five years, regardless of size, I have still yet to see a more beautifully decorated and cared for Church.  
Outside of the main chapel area is a lovely patio, again ornately decorated with fresco's and mosaics on the walls and ceilings.
 Looking towards Olvera from the hill near to the Ermita.
 We headed back through the underpass of the main A-384 road, stopping off at the Bar Cervecería Entrecaminos for refreshment....sin alcohol of course!.