Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Back on the road again. This time to the pueblo of Igualeja, suggested as a place to visit by Brigitta and John, who we had the pleasure to meet during Semana Santa in Olvera. The village is south of Ronda, signposted on the A-397 San Pedro road, about 70kms from Olvera. (A map of our route here
After a drive of about 80 minutes, we arrived and parked near to the what looked like the centre of the pueblo.

Without the aid of a map, we wandered around the streets looking for buildings and places of interest.

We came upon the 16th century Iglesia de Santa Rosa de Lima and as the door was open took a peek inside.

We continued upwards until we reached a mirador offering a view over the village.

A clear river runs through the centre of the village.

The Ermito del Divino Pastor (The Hermitage of the Holy Shepherd), built in the 18th century and housing a small altar.

We wouldn't describe Igualeja as the most picturesque village we've ever visited but its location was beautiful. As always, we never see it as a wasted visit as the journey took us on a road we've never previously driven and spectacular views we've never seen before, so well worth it.

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