Sunday, 13 November 2011

Feria de Jamón y Queso

We drove the thirty minutes or so this morning to the town of Campillos to visit the annual pork products and cheese fair being held there.
We arrived at just after 11am, parked up and walked the short distance to the busy park area where the fair was being held.

There were a huge variety of cheese and ham products on display and loads of free samples to taste, of which we took full advantage of course.

A wood carver was also showing his skill. Here a carving in cherry wood and below working with olive wood.

We bought some deliciously strong goats cheese from this stall.
This was a very popular stall, a beauty salon offering free makeovers and beauty treatments. I tried but I think they said that the cement wagon had been held up in traffic!!.
Do you remember toffee apples like these?.
No kidding. When we came to this stall, the tray of samples was nearly full but by the time we left, nearly all had gone. We couldn't resist buying some "queso con pimientos", cheese made with peppers, deliciously spicy.
We headed home several kilos heavier and quite a few euros lighter but thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

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Russ said...

That looks like so much fun! Thanks, as always, for sharing. Best wishes.