Monday, 2 April 2012

Procession preparations

The first procession of Semana Santa (Holy Week) takes place this evening and preparations are being made along the route to ensure safe passage with no obstructions.

Barriers are in place and warning notices being placed on vehicles to ensure they are moved from the procession route.

Houses are being adorned with olive branches and palm leaves.

Banners on balconies.

Tonight's procession leaves at 8pm from the Iglesia del Socorro, quiet at the moment but later there will be throngs of people gathered in the Plaza and along the route.

The view south.
Hopefully, the weather tonight will improve as at the time of my wanderings this morning a light drizzle was falling. Here looking up Avenida Julián Besteiros.

A busy Calle Llana. Traffic held up by a delivery at the Corralles shop.

The fountain in action in the Plaza de Andalucia.  

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