Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Procesión Cristo del Amor

We walked down to the bottom of town this evening to witness the Procesión Cristo del Amor.

I think this is the third year for this particular procession and it's definitely getting bigger each year, both with the number of participants and the size of the paso (platform). 

Unusually, the "costaleros" (platform bearers) were concealed within the paso with only shuffling feet visible.

The brilliant "Banda de Música de Olvera" accompanied the procession.

A large and appreciative crowd had gathered to watch and support the procession.   

Keeping the candles alight was a bit of a problem in the light breeze.

Although perhaps less formal in a dress sense than other processions during this Holy Week, the dedication and devotion shown by all taking part is certainly no less. 

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