Sunday, 15 April 2012

La Carrera Popular de Quasimodo

Today, as part of the events for the "Romeria" weekend, we walked to the Residents Centre to watch the start of the 1st Open Quasimodo Race on an 8.7km circuit around Olvera. When we arrived at about 10.30am, competitors were registering for the race but, as usual, our entry was just too late!.
Our friends Jim and Steve sprinting to the winning line. A shame it's only the warm up! They were competing as part of the "Club Atletismo Olvera CAO", who along with the Ayuntamiento organised the event.
Competing members of Olvera Athletic Club.
Eager starters checking and setting watches.....
....and they're off.

We watched the runners head off up Calle Peru followed by the medical services.
Just after the distance runners had started on their course, another race that had begun 2kms away at the Santuario de los Remedios was shortly due to finish, also at the Residents Centre.
This event was the annual "Fun" race, open to all, no matter what age or ability.

Our neighbour Mari-Carmen and son Paco and friend Mari sprinting to the finish line.
Within twenty minutes or so, the first of the distance runners were returning near the start point before heading out on the last few kilometres to the Santuario de los Remedios and then back to the finish line.
Jim still going strong.
Javi, who introduced himself to us before the start of the race, saying that he regularly looks at our blog.
The winners and runner up trophies were ready and waiting.

While some competitors had finished, others were still valiantly carrying on.

Keep going Steve. Not far to go.

"Muy bien" Javi.

A brilliant event, much appreciated and once again well supported, both by athletes and the people of Olvera. More pictures of the event and prize giving can be found on the link to the Athletic Club's blog at the top of this post.

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