Monday, 16 April 2012

Lunes de Quasimodo

At last, after a weekend of events, the day of "Lunes de Quasimodo" (Quasimodo Monday) is upon us so this morning we walked the short distance to Calle Mercado to watch the preparations for the traditional procession of the "carrozas" or floats.
 The dancing and fun had already started with impromptu Sevilliana and Flamenco dancing.

 After a short while, the procession was led off on its journey of two or three kilometres through the streets of Olvera to the  Santuario de los Remedios.
The lead float was a double oxen cart, something we'd never seen before in the procession.

 We followed for a while, watching the dozen or so floats pass us by at the Plaza de Andalucia.

 We followed on to the Plaza de la Concordia where the procession was joined by a few more floats and the traditional dispensing of the Manzanilla wine.  

The horses and riders that we'd seen yesterday also joined at this point as well.

 The emblem of Olvera, expertly reproduced in coloured tissue.

 At this point, we left the procession to wind it's merry way to the Santuario and the surrounding fields, leaving the wonderful people of Olvera to party, drink and dance the day (and most of the night) away on a lovely warm Andalucia day.

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