Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Hasta luego amigas/os - a blog break

We know and appreciate that many of our readers look in daily for pictures of Olvera, places we have visited or just to have a look at the weather. My recent spell of ill health has unfortunately curtailed our activities and it now seems that I was rather optimistic in suggesting that I would be back to something like normal within two or three weeks of leaving hospital. It now appears more likely to be two or three months, possibly more. So, not wishing to disappoint anyone, we thought it best to bring the entries on our blog to a hopefully temporary close, at least for a few months anyway. It's possible that we may pop up occasionally with an entry but regrettably not on such a regular basis as in the past.
There are many things that Anne and I have to adapt to over the coming weeks and months that will take up a lot of our time but we sincerely thank you all for looking in over the years gone by. We have made some wonderful, lasting friendships and we hope to make more in the future. 
We are still here of course to assist and help anyone in any way that we can if you have any local queries about Olvera or the surrounding area as we received so much help prior to and since arriving in this most beautiful part of Andalucia. Please just send us an email either through the "Contact us" option on our blog or directly to us at acrosskey(at)yahoo.com and we will be happy to help if we can.
Until then, "hasta luego amigas y amigos" and thank you for your wonderful support. 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Gran pasacalles de Carnaval

Pictures, courtesy of Anne, of Saturday's Grand Carnival procession where the wonderful people of Olvera once again show their fantastic community spirit, whether being participants or onlookers.

A first this year, a contribution from the expat community of Olvera.

The procession was led by big game hunters preceding a large cobra snake. Who's for dinner I wonder!!.

Plenty of pictures below that hopefully show the fun and atmosphere of the event.