Monday, 26 November 2007

Changing weather

We're not suggesting that it is getting cooler at night but Peppie says there is definately a chill in the air..........!

And another told me it was always going to be hot in Spain !!!!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

The Lake District

The area referred to as "Malaga's Lake District" lies about 60kms or an hours drive east of Olvera so today we took a drive out.

The water levels in the reservoirs of Guadalteba and Guadalhorce are very low...approximately four or five metre's below normal levels, so rain is desperately needed here. The pictures below show where the water should be at just below the tree line.

We stopped at a Mirador, viewpoint, to look over the reservoirs and beyond.

The picture right was taken from the dam looking over the Guadalhorce.

Leaving the lakes, we came across this tunnel with the restaurant above. Looks a bit rustic but the dinner we had was excellent.
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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Campillos again and then.............!!

We had been told about "Brit Bits", a shop which sold well known UK brands of foodstuffs, so we decided to take the trip to Campillos to have a look. Fray Bentos steak & kidney pies were definately a priority on the shopping list. We went into the shop and found an Alladins cave of goodies........Heinz beans, Robinsons orange squash, Colemans mustard, Bassetts liquorice allsorts and steak & kidney pies....the list goes on and on, and all at reasonable prices too. Also english language reading books were a bonus. We stocked up with several bits and pieces and took a stroll into Campillos.

Although the sun is still shining and its still quite warm, the leaves on the tree's are changing colour and starting to drop.

Walking back to the car we passed a fenced area and noticed about six kittens asleep or roaming around. They were "wild" cats and while we were watching a Spanish lady came up and started to stroke them through the fence. She explained that she and her husband were providing water and food to them, hence they were quite friendly.
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Campillos 29th August 2007

And then...................!!

We drove home to the street where we usually park the car and came across one of the less pleasant aspects of life in Spain........abandoned and starving dogs. As we parked the car we noticed the poor dog below and went to have a look at her. She was lying on the road and it was clear that she was malnourished and barely able to lift her head up. Now those of you that know us know that we are both animal lovers, dogs in particular, and Anne was extremely upset. We have tried our best since coming here to become hardened to the sight of stray dogs but this was difficult to ignore and walk past. The least we could do was nip home and get some food and water for her, which she eagerly ate and drank. She then unsteadily got to her feet and walked away. It doesn't seem enough and if we could we would like to do more for the many deserving cases that we see if anyone wins the lottery you know where we are!

Monday, 12 November 2007

Ducks delight

Our weekly trip to the spring was brightened today by this duck enjoying a dip in the water trough. It was clearly having a good time and not in the least put off by our presence.

As the spring is on a working farm it was not entirely surprising but this was our first close up encounter with any of the livestock in the three months we have used the spring. Not very exciting I know, but just a little insight into our daily life here in sunny Andalucia.
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Saturday, 3 November 2007


Our intention today was to take a trip to El Saucejo, a small village about 20kms north east of Olvera. However, upon viewing from a distance it looked fairly flat and without any obvious features that we decided to carry on to Osuna, a further 26 kms on. The town is set on a hill overlooking a large open plain.
We parked the car near to the town centre and started walking towards the church at the top of town. We stopped for a coffee in this amazing cafe pictured right which was set in a very ornate covered courtyard.

Leaving the cafe we continued onwards and upwards to what turned out to be the town hall square. The town hall is pictured right, through which the traffic entered and exited the square.

From the square we continued on to the church at the top of town which contained a fantastically ornate altar and many old pictures, as proclaimed on the plaque on the wall outside the church. Also shown are a couple of views from the church walls overlooking the plain. More information can be found in the following link.