Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Another lovely day.......

 ........with a temperature of 31°C, blue skies and a pleasant breeze as we took a stroll to the bottom of town this morning to use the high pressure air hose at the petrol station to yet again remove annoying specks of dust from the lens of my camera. Aaargh!!.
 I calmed down by sitting in the Plaza de la Concordia, always a nice place to watch the world go by and contemplate new cameras.

 Calle Calvario and below tomatoes on the vine at one of the supermarkets.

 The Plaza de Andalucia.

 Calle Llana here and below.

C'mon, hurry up. In Calle Azuaga.

Sunday, 28 July 2013


 A short drive west this morning to the village of Algodonales to refill our water bottles from the spring at the "Fuente Alta" on the edge of the village. Rather than drive straight back, I continued along the road in the direction of the Ermita de la Virgencita, pictured above.
The Ermita offers great views over Algodonales and the surrounding countryside.

Temperatures have dropped this weekend from the mid to high thirties of last week to about 26°C today, much more pleasant for wandering around.
Looking across the valley to Zahara de la Sierra, a beautiful village in a stunning location below the mountains of the Sierra de Grazalema. 

Best to let sleeping dogs lie. He could do with some extra rations though! 
Leaving the Ermita, I came to the slightly neglected Fuente El Dornajo although with a lovely collection of fish swimming in the clear water of the pool.

 A strange collection of dining room chairs next to the fountain.
 Returning home, Olvera looked particularly beautiful this morning.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Smooth, smooth jazz

 One night Flamenco, the next night doesn't get much better. So it was last night that we went down to the "Espacio de Ocio Alternativo" (Alternative Space) to appropriately see some alternative music in the form of a free concert by "Colossus", a jazz group from Ronda.

Playing to a small but appreciative audience of thirty to forty people, the "alternative space" was an excellent setting for a night of great music performed by very talented musicians. 

  Although the audience was small, well done to the Ayuntamiento for the imagination to invite and promote a different style of music from the norm. Hopefully "Colossus" will return again to entertain us in the future.

 A video taster for your enjoyment.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Espectáculo Flamenco

 In the spectacular surroundings of the "Edificio La Cilla", the ancient grain and wine storage area within the castle walls and under the warm glow of the setting sun, we went to watch a flamenco performance by "Las Hermanas Barroso y Sara Holgado".

The spectacular dancing of the Barroso sisters was perfectly accompanied by the stunning voice of Sara Holgado and the superb guitar playing of an unknown artist.

A short video compilation of the performance.

A fantastic evening enjoyed by a very appreciative audience.