Friday, 5 July 2013

Sunset stroll

It was a relief to go for a stroll this evening, escaping the heat of the house for a cooling breeze after a day of 33°C temperatures and a constant wind like a hot hair dryer coming from the east.

Walking up Calle Subida a la Iglesia.

 In the Plaza de la Iglesia.

Walking toward the viewpoint in front of the Church, I noticed a new sign at the entrance.
  I knew that the Ayuntamiento had recently started a campaign about dog mess on the streets but this was something a little different....a warning about human mess and the associated penalties!!. I didn't realise this was also a problem in Olvera!. Although no doubt well intentioned, I just wonder what message this gives to the many tourists who visit this historic part of town and what image it gives of Olvera. 
 Views from the front of the Iglesia.

Just glowing.
The setting sun over the Peñón de Zaframagón.


Ian Malpass said...

Unfortunately it has become a problem in Olvera. I have come across 2 instances of human excrement in the town over the past couple of weeks, and the area where the sign is is a particular problem. I don't think putting up a sign there is a good idea at all. Maybe it would be better for the town hall to send a circular out saying this is an unacceptable practice ANYWHERE in the town.

(You may not want to post this comment Alan. I will understand).

Alan Crosskey said...

Thanks Ian. No, I have no problem posting your comment and I agree that it is totally unacceptable anywhere. I have always tried to show the best of Olvera and its lovely people and we are so lucky to call it home. However, I feel that having a sign in such a prominent place, or indeed anywhere, is a sad reflection on the disgusting actions of a small minority that has such potentially damaging effects on valuable tourist revenue in these hard economic times. Cheers.