Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Another lovely day.......

 ........with a temperature of 31°C, blue skies and a pleasant breeze as we took a stroll to the bottom of town this morning to use the high pressure air hose at the petrol station to yet again remove annoying specks of dust from the lens of my camera. Aaargh!!.
 I calmed down by sitting in the Plaza de la Concordia, always a nice place to watch the world go by and contemplate new cameras.

 Calle Calvario and below tomatoes on the vine at one of the supermarkets.

 The Plaza de Andalucia.

 Calle Llana here and below.

C'mon, hurry up. In Calle Azuaga.


Anonymous said...

Once again we are loving your photos. They take us right back to our holiday in Olvera. Thanks. Fiona

Alan Crosskey said...

Hi Fiona. Many thanks for getting in touch. We are glad that you enjoy our blog and that our pictures bring back pleasant memories of your time here in Olvera. Best wishes, Alan and Anne