Monday, 30 December 2013

Oranges and lemons.....

......adorn the trees on Avenida Julián Besteiro as the good weather continues towards the end of the year.
The work is continuing at pace on creating the new recreation area at the rear of the Adults Centre.

The Sierra de Grazalema.

The views of Calle Los Angeles from the park area at the rear of the Mercadona supermarket.

After finishing some shopping we sat for a while at the bar "Los Arbolitos" enjoying our coffee's. The forecast temperature was 14°C and it certainly felt that warm in the pleasant sunshine.

Heading home up Calle Calvario.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Visita de los Carteros Reales

Today saw the first traditional event of the Christmas celebrations here in Spain, the visit of The Royal Postmen, here to collect the cards and gift requests of the children of Olvera. 
On another lovely day, a large crowd was gathering in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento eagerly awaiting the arrival of the postmen.

Preceded by the trumpets and drums of the excellent "Band of Santa Ana, Olvera", the postmen's carriage was in sight on Calle Llana.

One of the largest crowds for many years were gathered under blue skies.

Children and parents queued enthusiastically before handing over their letters and cards in return for a handful of sweets. All of the requests will be passed to the Three Kings, Balthazar, Gaspar and Melchior who will deliver their gifts to the children on the 6th January, the traditional day for the giving and receiving of presents.

This lovely baby was having the best fun of all, really enjoying his time sat on the knee of one of the postmen.
A brilliant start to the Christmas celebrations and hopefully everyone will get what they wish for.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

A windy Christmas lunch........

 .......and nothing to do with brussels sprouts. After a night of howling wind and torrential rain that continued into today, we decided to drive to the Bodega La Pitarra restaurant where we had booked our table to celebrate Christmas.
 Near to the Health Centre, the fire service aided by the police were clearing tree branches blown down by the wind.
After parking, we settled down to a delicious meal to celebrate our seventh Christmas here in Olvera. A very Merry Christmas to you all wherever you may be.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sadly, the Christmas Lottery,....

......known as El Gordo (the fat one), the world's richest lottery draw with a total prize amount this year of 2.5 billion euros (just over 2 billion UK pounds, 3.4 billion USD) has once again passed us by with our numbers not being drawn. Never mind. I guess in so many ways we've already won the lottery so not too worry.......but an extra few thousand euros would have been nice.

A pre-lottery wander....

......before heading home to watch the "El Gordo" Christmas Lottery draw on TV along with millions of Spanish people, all hoping for a share of the huge prize fund, this year estimated to be 2.5 billion euros. Before that though, on another sunny, warmish 11°C day, a stroll around town. Here and below, the views from Calle Maestro Amado. 

The Plaza Alfarería.
The views here and below to the Sierra de Grazalema.

Calle Vereda Ancha and below oranges a plenty on the tree's.

More views of the Sierra's and below the beautiful pueblo of Zahara de la Sierra, 15 kilometres distant.

Zahara also seen at the bottom right of this picture.
The "Centro de Salud" on the right of Avenida Julián Besteiro and the below the view of the Church and castle from outside the centre.

The "Plaza del Emigrantes".

The Bar El Parque, a popular place to eat outside on warm summer nights. pleasant inside on chilly winter ones too.
Mountain views across the fairground area.