Thursday, 12 December 2013

Thevi, Josh and Davia

It was our pleasure today to meet for lunch with Thevi, husband Josh and daughter Davia, a lovely family from rural Kentucky, USA who have been enjoying an extended cultural and educational visit to Europe, staying in Olvera for the last three weeks before shortly moving on to Portugal, France and Germany.
Before starting their trip, it was pleasing to hear that they had read our blog and that this had partly influenced them to come to Olvera and explore this area of Andalucia. So over delicious tapas at Bar La Noria we were very interested to learn of their experiences here and of their lives in America. Time passed so quickly but we hope to stay in touch and hopefully we may see these lovely people back here sometime in the future. 
We wish you "Buen viaje" on your future travels and don't forget to send some photos when you get home. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a lovely afternoon, it was such a pleasure to meet you both! We will keep in touch an send pics of our future travels. Keep up the great blog! Thevi, Josh, and Davia

Anonymous said...

I am related to these fine folks. Their family back in the USA thanks you for your hospitality and we look forward to hearing of their adventures that you helped inspire when they return.

Thanks again. Mike W.

Alan Crosskey said...

Hi Mike. Thanks for getting in touch. It was truly great to meet this lovely family and in particular Davia, who is an absolute joy. What a wonderful start in life they are giving her, travel being the best education in the world. We hope to stay in touch. Our best wishes to you and your family for Christmas.