Monday, 9 December 2013

Our temporary lodger,.......

......this little dog, we estimate at about six months old, found shivering and curled up on a bed of leaves this afternoon in the Jardines de la Victoria on Calle Mercado. Despite my protestations, there was no way of convincing Anne to just leave some food and walk away. She was scooped up and hence this evening she is fed, watered and warm and sleeping peacefully on the sofa.
 Tomorrow, a trip to the animal rescue centre near to Villamartin. We've visited before and they really care and look after their dogs until they find permanent homes either here in Spain or elsewhere in Europe. Their website here. Any offers of a home, please get in touch quickly via our email.
Footnote: We took the liitle lady to the rescue centre this morning after she'd had plenty to eat and a good nights sleep.The staff at the centre are really nice. The vet, who was on site this morning, gave her a quick check over and informed us that she would have no problem in finding a good home, possibly in Holland. So, after leaving some sacks of food and a donation, we headed back home knowing that we'd done all we could for her and comforted by the optimism of the vet. Good luck to her and our fingers and toes are crossed for a good home in the future.

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