Friday, 31 July 2009

The road to Setenil

Another lovely day, clear blue skies and the temperature a cool 33°C when we left the house on the shortish twenty minute journey to Setenil, a village to the south west of Olvera.

Anne wanted to visit our closest garden centre to replace a plant that had died of sunstroke on the terrace.

These are a few pics looking over the village as we passed through.

The countryside on the drive is fabulous but very dry and the Agave plants just add to the spectacular scenery.

Looking back to the pueblo of Torre Alháquime in the foreground with Olvera just visible on the horizon.

Kevin's 60th

We all gathered last night at Bar Pepe Rayas to celebrate our friend Kevin's 60th birthday.
The number of folks present bore testament to both Kevin and his wife Jennifer's popularity here in Olvera.

So just a few pics of the celebrations.

The warmth of the evening made the outside seating area a popular place to be.

Live music was provided by Brian and Pete, aka Mantis, on vocals and guitars and a delicious buffet was laid on by the bar.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

A wish comes true...!!

The number of times that we have passed by Calle Llana No 3, admiring the beautiful facade and the huge wooden doors. Today by pure good luck the doors were open and we could see through the entrance hall into the inner courtyard.

Noticing our interest, it got even better when we were invited inside to have a look around. We knew from information provided by our friend Dan that the property was used as a summer residence by the Dukes of Osuna, who have had an influence in the history of Olvera since the 14th century. The structure and many of the fixtures and fittings of the house have been maintained and preserved in their original condition so it was a fantastic opportunity to have a look inside. The Church at the top of town still belongs to what is left of the family.

The furniture, paintings and artefacts were fantastic to look at, being very careful not to touch.

Each room brought it's own surprise. The study or library again had a fabulous array of furniture and books and the writing desk was laid out presumably as the last owner had left it.

The ornate stairs leading to the upstairs accommodation and pictured below is the incredibly decorated ceiling at the top of the stairs.

The inner courtyard.

My apologies for the number of pictures but the opportunity to see inside this beautiful, historic house certainly ranks as being one of the highlights of our time so far in Olvera.

Wow. Absolutely brilliant. The pictures do not do justice to the tantalising glimpse of the house that we have seen. One day perhaps, we will be lucky enough to have another invitation as there is so much more to see.