Saturday, 14 September 2013

Saturday surprises

 The view from our roof terrace on a warm though slightly overcast morning.
Here, a picture showing the location of our house, pictured from the front of the Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación,  and the stunning view that we are so fortunate to look out upon every day.

We walked to the market and sat as we normally do at Bar La Noria for a coffee.

A pleasant surprise was a slice of "Kit Kat" tart, made by Paco's partner Eva, and given to us on the occasion of Paco's forty something birthday today.

We were also pleased to meet Josie and Colin, formerly of Australia but resident in Olvera for about a year now. Amazingly, we hadn't bumped into each other before on our wanderings but we hope to again and perhaps have a longer chat over a coffee sometime.
 A couple of views from the front of the Church.


Anonymous said...

Want to swap houses??? We have a lovely view of the Welsh mountains - except you can only see them when it is not raining- and it isn't usually not raining!!! Keep up the superb photos till we visit again Spring 2014

Alan Crosskey said...

Many thanks for your kind comment. Wales is beautiful when you can see it but a house swap might be worth considering during July or August when it's a just a little bit hot here. Cheers.