Thursday, 31 October 2013

Little horrors...... the nicest possible way of course!!. A few pictures of the ghoulish and scary monsters who dared to rattle our door knocker this evening.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Familiar scenes.......

.....on another lovely day. The October sunshine continues although the warmth of the sun is reducing, slowly giving way to more autumnal temperatures.

 Looking across the cemetery that over the next couple of days will be a hive of activity. Throughout Spain, Friday the 1st November is "All Saints Day" (Fiesta de Todos los Santos), the day of the year when families remember dearly departed loved ones and place beautiful floral decorations and candles on their graves.  

Near cloudless blue skies and a temperature of about 18°C.

Calle Bellavista and below Calle Mercado.

Just resting in the Plaza de Andalucia, looking at the new floral decorations that have appeared near to the children's play area.

Calle Llana.
 The Town Hall is being given a lick of paint.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

The colours, fruits and textures of Autumn

It's unusual for me to head out on a trip with a theme in mind; usually it's just "come on, let's go and see what's there". But today I was on a mission to try and capture the colours on a lovely, warm autumn day in Andalucia.
I headed to the nearby pretty pueblo of Torre Alháquime, pictured here in the foreground with Olvera in the distance.
Just south of the the village, the road forks right onto a track that leads to the recreation area of "Las Vegas de Arriba" where I parked and went for a stroll.

A little imagination can reveal all sorts of images.

I wonder if these guys are still together.
Within the park area is a small chapel.

Bee's were busy gathering the nectar from the flowers of the palm trees.

Pomegranates, slightly past their best but a bounty for the birds and insects.

The River Guadalporcún gently winds its way along the edge of the park.
In a month or so, perhaps a little longer, this bridge will be submerged and the river may be in flood, which this area is prone to, although a lot of work has been done on flood defences locally.

A bumper year of berries and acorns for the birds and other wild animals.

Heading back along the track, a slight diversion along the main road to snap a few pictures of Torre with Olvera beyond. 

A close up shows a group of vultures rising on the thermals (invisible to the eye when I took the picture).

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Dull, drizzly and overcast.........

.......but still with a temperature of about 18°C as we wandered this afternoon. 

 Looking up Calle Salada.
Calle Sevilla to the left and Hondon to the right.

 Calle Ronda and below Vereda Ancha.

 Changing autumn colour.
 Calle Calvario.