Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Familiar scenes.......

.....on another lovely day. The October sunshine continues although the warmth of the sun is reducing, slowly giving way to more autumnal temperatures.

 Looking across the cemetery that over the next couple of days will be a hive of activity. Throughout Spain, Friday the 1st November is "All Saints Day" (Fiesta de Todos los Santos), the day of the year when families remember dearly departed loved ones and place beautiful floral decorations and candles on their graves.  

Near cloudless blue skies and a temperature of about 18°C.

Calle Bellavista and below Calle Mercado.

Just resting in the Plaza de Andalucia, looking at the new floral decorations that have appeared near to the children's play area.

Calle Llana.
 The Town Hall is being given a lick of paint.

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