Sunday, 29 August 2010

La Vuelta a España.....

......the Tour of Spain swept into Olvera this afternoon in a blaze of colourful jerseys, car horns blaring, whistle blowing and applause and cheers from the large crowd of onlookers.

A procession of competitors support cars and dozens of Guardia Civil vehicles and motorcycles preceded the cyclists into Olvera. The Policia Local, ably assisted by the volunteer members of the Protección Civil safely managed the crowd and traffic.

We arrived at the Plaza de la Concordia just over an hour before the cyclists were due to arrive in order to gain a good viewing point. It wasn't long before crowds of people began to appear with probably the same idea.

I love the spanish people. If you've a camera, they are always happy to pose for a picture, as this group of lads were.

There were also a few helicopters overhead.
The leaders appeared right on time at about 3.30pm, on the 174km (108 mile) stage of the race, finishing eventually in Marbella. Olvera is at the 82km mark so still quite a way to go.

Within minutes, the competitors had passed by followed by even more support cars.

This chap was the last in the field, a fair way behind the others, but probably received the biggest cheer of encouragement and applause from the onlookers.

And then they were gone, on their way to Torre Alháquime, Setenil and ultimately Marbella.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

La Vuelta a España - Tour of Spain

Here's an event that may be of interest to both residents and tourists alike.
On Sunday 29th August, between approximately 3pm and 3.30 pm, the "Vuelta a España", the spanish equivalent of the Tour de France, is passing through Olvera on the stage from Alcalá de Guadaira to Marbella.
Entering Olvera from the direction of Pruna, the cyclists come through the Plaza de la Concordia then onto Avenida Julian Besteiro before heading on to Torre Alháquime and then onwards to Setenil and beyond. Full details of routes and timings can be found on the official website here.
Should be quite a spectacle and worth seeing.

Olvera this evening

A few pictures taken tonight between 6.30pm and 8pm during our stroll around Olvera. The temperature is 36°C and very humid with no breeze.
From tomorrow, a heatwave is forecast with temperatures rising in some areas to between 40° and 42°C over the next week. Better get that sun lounger out on the terrace again in the hope of being able to sleep!!.
Pictured above is the view up Calle Ronda.

Here, Don Quixote and his aide Sancho Panza shelter under the palm in the garden outside the Bar El Rincon.
The new mirador and play area being created on Calle Vereda Ancha which when completed will offer a pleasant area in which to sit and admire the views to the mountains of the Sierra de Grazalema and the Serrania de Ronda.

Avenida Julian Besteiro, the main entrance into Olvera from the east.

We sat for a while in the Bar La Jarrita overlooking the Plaza de la Concordia.

Calle Calvario and below looking up Calle Victoria. Nearly home now.

The Feria season is upon us and posters are appearing in town of the "Casetas" (marquees holding dances, music and entertainment) open to the public on the Feria ground.
Many casetas are private, set up and organised by individual family's from Olvera, entry to which is by invitation only.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Fiesta Escuela de Música

We walked the short distance last night to the patio area of the UNED (University of Learning at a Distance) building to watch the young musicians of the Olvera School of Music, aided by their tutors, in what we believe was their inaugural concert.

First onto the stage were three fantastic young ladies performing a Flamenco dance. They were really good and had obviously worked hard at their routine.

Then a solo guitarist.....

.....followed by another and two more below. A tremendous effort and well deserving of the applause and support from the appreciative audience.

Next, it was the turn of the rock performers playing a melody of well known classics from the past, certainly well known to those of us of a certain age.

Not forgetting the drummers of course, several of whom played during the session.

Finally, the concert ended with Hip Hop and Rap music.

A brilliant evening and well done to all who took part. No doubt many were nervous, perhaps performing for the first time in front of family and friends, but everyone involved should be really proud of their contribution and talent, which was much appreciated by all who were there.
We're already looking forward to the next concert.