Saturday, 26 December 2009

Wetter and wetter

OK. I know we needed the rain for the olives and replenishment of the reservoirs but nine days of non-stop torrential downpours is now getting a little much.
We took advantage of a break in the rain for a walk out with Calcetines at four this afternoon.
Walking along the Vereda Ancha at the bottom of town.

Typically, as we started our walk home up Calle Bellavista, the heavens opened again and another downpour started.

Below is the view looking up to the castle, somewhere beneath that raincloud.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas eve and all's well......nearly !!

In a break between the rain and gale force winds we have been having all week, we took a short walk out with Calcetines today at 4pm.
Although it has been really miserable, the temperature today is still at a fairly reasonable 14°C.
Look...a bit of blue sky.

The winds were strong enough to split this telegraph pole in two.
These views are looking towards the east.

Looking west towards Zaframagon.

We were walking past the library and these two guys were practising their guitar playing on a bench in the Plaza outside and were happy to pose for a picture.

Walking back up Calle Victoria towards home and below Calle Llana.

Looking across to Pruna from Calle Bellavista.

Just as we got home and as I write this, the rain is hammering down again outside, interspersed with outbreaks of thunder.
Power cuts are frequent and our water is off at the moment but when you come across a couple of chaps, smiling and happily playing music on a wet bench on a miserable day, you know you're in the right place.
Feliz Navidad.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Rain, rain and more rain...

Regular readers of our blog may recall the number of times in previous posts when I've mentioned "....another lovely sunny day..." or "...temperatures in the mid to high twenties...". They seem a long time ago.
In the last three or four days and particularly the last twenty four hours, we have had virtually non-stop rain, sometimes torrential, high winds and thunder and lightning.

As I write this, the rain outside is pouring down. These are just a few pics of Olvera, taken on a short trip out of town this afternoon. Not a bit of blue sky in sight.

The rio Guadalporcun on the Olvera-El Gastor road, normally a trickle but swollen with rainwater.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

After the storm...

After a very stormy night, torrential downpours and near gale force winds, I took a walk around this morning to have a look at the aftermath.
Walking through the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the owner of this umbrella obviously gave up last night...........or perhaps I should have had a closer look under the car !!

The top of a postbox lying in the street.
There were a few broken branches around but all in all there didn't appear to be too much damage.

The view to the south.

Low cloud to the east of Olvera.

A typical type of decoration at this time of year is the Poinsettia, here planted by the Ayuntamiento at the top of the steps on Calle Calzada.

This lovely decorated orange tree on Avenida Julian Besteiro.

The weather forecast over the next three or four days is for more wind and rain, though hopefully not as extreme as last night.
Good for the olives and reservoirs though.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas and New Year activities

Just in case anyone is not aware, I thought the following activities organised by the Ayuntamiento and others to celebrate the Christmas period in Olvera might be of interest, particularly to all here with little ones...and perhaps also to some of us not so little ones !.
Apologies if a little has been lost in translation, using Google Translator is not always word perfect, but essentially it is correct. Certainly the dates, times and locations are.
However, the original text can be found on the excellent Olvera Town website here if anything is unclear. Merry Christmas.

"The Festivals Commission of Olvera City Council has arranged for the citizens of Olvera and visitors to enjoy Christmas in the town through a wide range of activities for young and old."

Thursday, December 17th. "Decorate your town". A day of co-operation between various organisations (AFA United, Taomi, Centres of Education, schools and others) to decorate different places in Olvera with Christmas themes.
Friday, December 18th. Judges decision on the competition of Nativity Cribs at the Casa de la Cultura. 17:30.
"Zambomba", singing and music by the choir of the day center "La Caleta". Casa de la Cultura. 18:00 hours. Organizers: AFA United.
Saturday, December 19th. Flamenqueando. A singing and flamenco workshop for children in the Casa de la Cultura starting with storytelling at 11:00am. The afternoon session (beginning at 16:00 hours) will be enlivened by the following performers:
La Sonanta (guitar, vocals and percussion).
The guitar playing grandchildren of the guitarist Paco del Gastor.
Dan Ben Deilor New Flamenco Band with jazz flamenco guitarist and singer Juani of Córdoba.
The Flamenco of the "Niño de la Ratera" with Tania del Saucejo.
A Flamenco Jam session concludes the event.
Monday, December 21st. Adjudication and award of the Second Contest "The Firefly". Casa de la Cultura. 19:00 hours.
Wednesday, December 23rd. Storytelling: Kiko Butrón. "Stories to laugh at and to scare". Municipal Public Library. 12:00 hours.
Monday, December 28th. Storytelling: "Cooking and singing". Municipal Public Library. 12:00 hours.
Wednesday, December 30th. Storytelling: Triglú Theatre. Municipal Public Library. 11:00 hours.
Workshop of Christmas Candles. Municipal Public Library. 12:00 hours.
From 23 December to January 5th. Christmas at the Library. Development of bookmarks and Christmas cards. Municipal Public Library. From 11:00 to 13:00 hours.
Sunday January 3rd. Visit of the Royal Postman. Plaza del Ayuntamiento. 16:00 hours.
Snowfall Christmas. Plaza del Ayuntamiento. From 17:00 to 20:00 hours (not continuous).
Tuesday January 5th. The Three Kings cavalcade departs from the Industrial Park on the usual route at 18:00 hours The procession will conclude with fireworks.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Tractor training....!!

Our activities out in the campo picking olives are limiting our trips beyond Olvera at the moment.
Not that we mind because we are getting the opportunity of some good physical exercise and from various places around some magnificent views of Olvera.
Today, we were working just outside town. The weather was sunny but quite cool in the shade with a slight breeze. I would hazard a guess at temperatures about 10 to 12°C.

After a few minutes instruction, Anne was happily driving the tractor around the olive grove.

This is probably the hardest part of the task....using the "varas" to knock the olives from the trees, helped by the use of a mechanical shaker but it still takes a bit of effort.

The view again of Olvera, one I never get tired of.
Yesterday for a few minutes we did have a few flakes of snow. According to our friend Inma, the snow that has hit northern and central Spain is heading south and she is convinced that we will see some tomorrow in Olvera.
We shall see.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Feliz Navidad y prospero Año Nuevo

Just a few pictures of the Christmas lights currently decorating Olvera.
It's unbelievable that another year has passed by but we'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our friends and everybody who kindly takes the time to look at our blog a Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Over the last year we have received many kind comments and emails and have had the pleasure of meeting up with and making many new friends.
We hope that in 2010 we can continue to show you more of our lives here in this beautiful town and more of the lovely region that is Cadiz and Andalucia.
Not least of course are the fantastic people here in Olvera who have made us feel really welcome and part of the community.
Many thanks and best wishes to everyone from us both.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Out in the campo

Today has been a lovely warm and sunny winters day. During a break from our olive picking duties and before the muscle spasms set in I took a few pics of our surroundings, a kilometre or so just outside of Olvera.
Looking across to Olvera and below what it's all about...lovely plump black olives.

Our lovely dog Calcetines absolutely loves the freedom to run and play as she wishes, often disappearing for twenty minutes or more exploring the campo. Here with our friends dog Chico, who she adores.

The aftermath of play.......worn out.

According to our friend Inma, some of the olive trees on this plot are two hundred years old.

Pictures of Olvera again in the distance.