Sunday, 28 September 2008

Feria de San Miguel

Despite being overcast, windy and with the forecast of rain, we decided to drive to Arcos de la Frontera to see the Feria de San Miguel, advertised as being on between the 25th and 28th September.
Setting off at eleven, we arrived in Arcos just under an hour later and parked at the bottom of town. We started up towards the centre of the old town, heading towards the Plaza del Cabildo and it's stunning views over the countryside beyond.

The view from the Mirador (viewpoint) above.

The Iglesia de Santa Maria at the opposite end of the square from the viewpoint.

The weather forecast had by now come true and a steady light rain began to fall.

Ominously, we could not hear the sound of music or any other indication that a Feria was taking place so we headed back down town looking for a café.
We noticed that a lot of the traffic was heading out of town so after coffee we walked back to the car and followed the same route.

We drove for five minutes or so, getting totally lost and seeing no sign of the Feria.
We stopped in a park area and Anne jumped out to ask directions from a lady who was passing by. Meanwhile, from the park I took these couple of pictures showing Arcos sitting atop a sheer cliff face.
The Castillo de los Arcos is on the left and the Iglesia de San Pedro to the right.

Looking down from this viewpoint we could also see the Feria ground below. So back to the car to try and get closer to the site.

Finally finding a parking spot we walked the short distance to the Feria site to find everything apart from a few bars closed!!.
So just a couple of pics of the near empty site.

Slightly disappointed and a little damper, we headed back to the car and home. I just wish advertised events would have some indication of timings.........even as vague as morning, afternoon or night would help.

Still, never mind. It was nice to get out and no doubt we will return next night!.

Monday, 22 September 2008

A day in the life....

It's possible that some readers of this blog may think that we have "the life of riley" here..... living in the sun, going to fiesta's one week, feria's the next. But, we can assure you that life here is not quite like that at all......well, not every day anyway!.

Yes, we do enjoy ourselves getting out and about, both here in Olvera and other places and making new friends but then that's why we took the chance to come here and live our lives.

Anyway, to bring a little perspective to things, we thought today we would show our life as it is more or less on a daily basis.
The first job of each day is to take Peppie, our lovely old dog, for her first walk.

Then after breakfast, we switch the laptop and TV on to check emails and the latest news.

Note that I will not mention any timings as these are flexible depending on the previous night's party !!!. Only joking.

Earning my keep and pocket money.

Not a daily chore but for the last few nights we have had rain overnight which unfortunately brings the litter and other rubbish cascading down the street. So being a good neighbour, Anne sweeps up, usually about two or three times a week.

A walk into town, stopping off at the newspaper kiosk to top up my mobile.

We are passing the bank so call in just to top up the funds for partying and enjoying life.....joking!

Opposite the bank is the fruit and veg shop that we call in to perhaps once a week. The quality of the fruit and veg and the friendliness of the assistants make it a very pleasant place to shop.

On the way home we call in to see friend Gerry to have a drink and catch up on any news.

Gerry's cat Chico who when we call always seems to be asleep on the bed.
Chico was dumped in a skip in town when he was a kitten and luckily for him Gerry was passing and rescued him to a life of luxury.

At four in the afternoon, we popped round the corner to our friend Ana's house. Ana met Anne at the dancing classes at the Pensioners Centre and kindly invited us around to see her house.
She is such a friendly and generous lady...we never leave without armful's of homegrown vegetables or fruit from the Campo (countryside).

In addition, Ana also regularly cuts my hair every four weeks or so, as she does for her husband and other members of her family.
Her son, of whom she is extremely proud, is currently studying at the University of Wales, Cardiff.

Returning from Ana's, we take Peppie for her second walk of the day and usually head to the area by the market that "Socks" the stray dog hangs out.

And there she was, running up to Anne for her tea of dried dog mixer that Anne always carries with her.
She does not go hungry as the local builders also give her food but we just wish someone would adopt her permanently as she is a beautiful little dog.

And that's about it really. Not all party, party, party but just a normal, pretty routine life meeting up with friends and catching up with news but we love it.
Now, where's that drink........!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Agricultural Fair

We have passed by Villamartín, a town about 45 kms west of Olvera just off the A384, many times on our way to Cadiz and other places.

So today, with the added incentive of going to an agricultural show, we decided to make a visit.

Pictured above is a tiled mosaic at the entrance to the town.

We parked near to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and walked the short distance to the pretty square.

This is the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall).

Anne is very much the reluctant tourist but puts up with my wanderings and diversions - "lets go up here, only a little bit further, whats round this corner". Bless her.

Returning to the car, we came across this little fellow who startled Anne a bit by jumping into her path.

After only a short time and not really doing the town justice, we returned to the car and headed for the Agricultural show.

The showground on the outskirts of town was very busy with many exhibits of horses, bulls, cows, goats and sheep.

In the showring were being shown what we presumed to be the best foals in show.

The greyhound racing was very popular with quite a big crowd assembled.

After each race the rabbit lure was taken back to the start line by a motorcyclist and when signalled by a white flag at the far end of the course the rabbit would be wound in by this bicycle wheel for the greyhounds to chase.

Did I win dad ??

No doubt coming alive at night, we walked into the Caseta and Fair area next to the showground which at 2pm was fairly quiet.

As I said previously, we didn't really do the town justice on this visit as I am sure there is much more to see. We will definately return at a later date to see more.
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We like Sylvia, a lovely lady. We were on our way home from a meal out at Bar Rincon and called in at Pepe Rayas for a nightcap.
We were delighted to see Sylvia there as we hadn't seen her for a while; she said she'd been back in Olvera since June.
So just for Anita (Sylvia's sister), who quite often reads the blog, here is a picture of Sylvia with Anne.
We understand that Anita is coming over in the not too distant future so we hopefully look forward to perhaps meeting up for a drink.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Gato del Bar Pepe Rayas

This little, undernourished kitten was spotted by Ian and Laurie from Bar Pepe Rayas, sheltering under the parked cars in the Plaza de la Ayuntamiento.
Gentle TLC and the lure of some tuna coaxed him out and it looks like he has now become a fixture at the bar.
Named "Pepe", he is a lovely, friendly little chap who deserves a break in life.
To this end, a fund has been started by the customers of the bar to raise enough cash to take him to a vet to ensure that no more little "Pepe's" appear on the streets of Olvera.
If by any chance you can spare a few euros, it would really be most appreciated.
So, on your next visit to the bar, if you feel something soft and furry brushing against your leg. no, you haven't got lucky.....but perhaps a small kitten has.

A picture of Ian tidying up at the bar.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Cadiz Air Festival

On a beautiful warm September day we drove to Cadiz for the first Air Festival, taking place along the Playa Victoria, just off the beach.

Arriving at eleven for a noon start we had plenty of time for coffee and something to eat although the crowds were beginning to gather along the seafront so we were eager to secure a good viewing spot.
The show opened with a display of parachutists landing on the beach.

A US Air Force Cobra helicopter.

A UD-13 Canadair firefighting aircraft which gave an impressive display.

Collecting it's load of water........

.......then discharging it.

Where's the anorak......!!

After twenty two years in the aerospace industry, I still get a buzz from the roar of jet engines.

The impressive display team from "Patrulla Aguilla" - the Spanish Air Force display team, flying their Casa C-101 Aviojet's.

Pathetic picture of the Eurofighter "Typhoon".......must get a better lens!!

The USAF AV-8 Harrier.

Mirage F-1.

An unknown helicopter display team.

A good day out. Well attended with thousands of people on the beach and lining the road, cheering and waving at the end of each display creating a really good atmosphere. Hopefully this will become an annual event.