Friday, 29 May 2009

Nearly last

Our apologies for not posting more about our trips out and about but enjoyment of life is on temporary hold at the moment due to the painting of the inside of the house.
We started at the top last Monday with the bathroom and have slowly been going downhill since, arriving in the living room today with just the kitchen to go tomorrow.

If I was getting paid for it, I'm sure I would be able to whip up a little more enthusiasm but I suppose life can't be all fun, frolics and I keep being reminded by Anne.
Anyway, just a few pics of what's been happening this week.
Our supervisor Peppie was determined not to move and as a consequence is now covered in white paint and been re-named Spot.

A welcome break from the toil. I wouldn't mind but after re-painting the house white, it looks no different from when we started but if it keeps Anne happy then it's got to be worth it.
Normal service will hopefully be resumed on Sunday with a well earned trip out somewhere for lunch.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Encarnación

Quite a surprise tonight, and a pleasant one at that, were indications that at last repairs are being undertaken on the exterior of the iconic Church at the top of town.

The Church has been closed since September 2004 due to a fire and restoration work has been ongoing internally since but the exterior has been rather neglected.

Anne and I have often said that it is such a shame that the Church, which is visible for miles around, is a little disappointing once you get close to it, due to the peeling paintwork and lack of attention.

However, at last it appears from the activity that work is beginning to return this beautiful building to it's former splendour.

More information about the Church and the history of Olvera can be found in the link below:

Linked post:

Un paseo por el sol

A walk in the sunshine today and welcome relief from the house painting, from which we have decided to take a day off.
A lovely day, blue skies, 22°C at 10 am with a nice cooling breeze and temperatues forecast to rise this week to the high twenties.
We headed off after breakfast at the Pensioners Centre, to the post office, bank and to get top up's for our mobile phones.

Just a few pics of Olvera today on our wanderings down town.

Walking down Calle Llana, looking towards the Plaza de Andalucia, pictured below.

The view down Calle Fuente Nueva with Gloria's delicious bread and cake shop on the corner.

No-one can be in any doubt here that it is the European elections on the 7th June. We are registered to vote and will do our duty but to be honest we haven't got a clue who to vote for.....any enlightenment would be most welcome !!.

The Arco de Zorrilla.

Calle Zorrilla beyond the Arch.

The view of the castle from Calle del Peñon.

The view from Calle Maestro Amado.

As a footnote, and at the risk of hopefully not offending any of our viewers in the Manchester area or beyond.....c'mon Barca in tonight's Champions League final.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Socks appeal

Despite a previous attempt at finding this gorgeous little dog a home in the campo, for whatever reason it didn't work out and Socks, or Calcetínes as she is now known, found her way back to Olvera a few months ago.
Unfortunately, she has just had another litter of pups but it is not for the pups that we make this appeal.

We regret that we cannot take her in ourselves as Peppie our own dog is very territorial and would not allow another dog in the house. However, we have decided to contact a local vet to arrange for Calcetínes to be spayed and ensure there will be no more litters. We also hope that it may help her chances of finding a permanent home.

We have no doubt that there are many, many other deserving cases of homeless and abandoned dogs but if anyone reading this blog can find it in their hearts to rescue an adorable little dog, you will no doubt be rewarded with years of love, loyalty and affection.
If you can help, please drop us a line to It would be very much appreciated.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

II Concentración Motera "Ciudad de Olvera"

This weekend saw a gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts in Olvera at an event organised by the Moto Club of Olvera.

The weather was slightly overcast with occasional glimpses of sun as I walked down this morning to the meeting point at the Piscina.

Parked up were a large variety of bikes of different types, including quite a few Harley Davidsons, with more makes arriving throughout the morning.
I'll leave it to you bike buffs to identify what they are

The sole British representative, a Triumph Daytona.

A Harley Davidson with unusual mirror stems.

I would estimate that there were a couple of hundred bikes parked up so a really good turnout for the organisers.

At just before midday, the local police led a procession of bikes through the town.

If you are into bikes take a look here at the Moto Club Olvera website for a lot more information and some brilliant pictures.

Friday, 22 May 2009

The sky tonight....

A few pics taken at about 9.30 tonight of one of the best sunsets that we have seen so far.

Looking west towards Cadiz. In the foreground is the Peñón de Zaframagón, home to one of Andalucia's most significant vulture colonies.

The weather tomorrow is forecast to be heavy rain with thunderstorms and a temperature drop of up to ten degrees so perhaps this change has contributed to the spectacular sunset.


It's a strange thing. When we were living in the UK, if you had said to me that you have to drive for fifty minutes, 65 kms (40 miles), say from Stroud to Birmingham, I would have considered it a real chore. Trying to avoid traffic jams, never ending roadworks, road rage, pollution....etc, etc.
But here, the scenery is so beautiful, the roads good, virtually no traffic, that it is really a pleasure driving anywhere.

So it was that this morning, with Elma to interpret for us, that we were on the road to Ubrique, quite a large town south west of Olvera, to hopefully complete the formalities of registering at the Hacienda (tax office).
Having pre-determined the location of the office, we arrived just after 11.15 am, parked up and walked the short distance to the Hacienda.
Directed to an office on the first floor, within thirty minutes the business was done and we were official tax residents of Spain.

So just a few pics of our short visit which do not do justice to Ubrique but for a little more information click here for pictures of our previous visit in February last year.

Before heading off home, we called in at the Cafeteria El Parque for coffee