Sunday, 29 September 2013

Back in the groove

 After a couple of days away from Olvera, it's always nice to come home and settle into a normal routine again.
So on a cloudy, rain threatening afternoon with the temperature still at a fairly warm 25°C, a few pictures of passing clouds on our wanderings.


The town cemetery.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Return to Córdoba

Our last visit to Córdoba was only just over three weeks ago, see our previous post here, and on that occasion we managed to see the magnificent Mosque and the lovely old streets of the Jewish quarter. Knowing that there was much more to see we decided to book a hotel for a couple of nights, pictured above, in order that we could explore more of Córdoba's history.
On our first afternoon we headed for the Plaza de la Corredera pictured here and below.

We sat for a while at one of the many bars surrounding the square.
Heading on, we passed the remains of the Roman temple, discovered in the 1950's and dating back to the 1st century AD.
One of many "quirky" buildings we passed, this one being a swimmer taking the plunge at the Bar Banista.
The beautiful Plaza de las Tendillas, at its centre a statue dedicated to Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba surrounded by water fountains. 

Playing amongst the water spouts was a popular pastime.
Happily for Anne, we were now in the main shopping area and as always jewellery was a big draw.

 Passing by the Plaza del Potro, pictured here and below, we decided that after a rest in the hotel we would return to one of its many restaurants this evening.

After resting for an hour or two, we returned and sat in the warm evening to enjoy swordfish for Anne and a delicious paella for me.
 "Cor, he's bit of alright"."She's not bad either".
Next day, Friday, we continued our exploring. Unlike most other large cities we've visited, the places of historic interest in Córdoba are spread over a fairly large area so good walking shoes are a must.
The "Palacio de la Merced" is an impressive building with a stunning internal courtyard.

We walked along the "Jardines de la Victoria" heading back towards the old town, entering through one of the old gates below.

After stopping for a coffee, we continued our wanderings briefly stopping at the ancient Jewish synagogue, built in 1315.

Our final port of call was the "Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos", the ancient Christian fortress.

Entrance to the buildings and grounds was free.

The best views were offered from the top of the towers overlooking the gardens and below looking across to the Great Mosque and Cathedral.

My trusty travel companions waiting in the shade below.

Passing by the exterior of the "Mesquita" or Great Mosque.
After six hours of walking, our poor old pooch had no appetite for further wanderings so for the evening we headed for a restaurant not too far from our hotel.
And what a find the "Taberna Miguelito" was. The huge plate of "Solemillo al Whisky", pork and garlic, was absolutely delicious.
The service was fantastic and when the forecast rain arrived, the covered awnings were quickly closed around us.  
One tired old girl, Calcetines I mean, at the end of a really good trip to a beautiful city.