Sunday, 1 September 2013

All the fun of the Fair

 At just after midnight last night we headed down to the fair ground to witness the final night of the fair. It was absolutely packed and it seemed that loud, throbbing music spilled from every caseta, seemingly competing with each other to achieve the highest decibel reading.  

 Great fun was had on the Fun Fair rides with us oldies quite happy to stand and watch the youngsters, remembering the days when we too were also young and fearless.

 At 3am the firework display lit up the night sky in a dazzling display. So a few pictures, once again experimenting with the functions on my camera, resulting in some slightly abstract images.



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos of fireworks. Didn't envy you the noise. Remember Ian and Laurie saying they were going to leave town for the duration!!! On that note - have they opened another cafe??? We were so sorry to hear that they had left Valentino's cafe

Alan Crosskey said...

Many thanks for writing in and your kind comment re the pics of fireworks. Yes, Ian and Laurie were perfect hosts at Valentino's but have not opened another cafe, nor to my knowledge have any plans to do so. Best wishes Alan and Anne