Monday, 12 November 2012


Snow on the mountains and sun on the sand. That's how it was today as we made our annual pre-Christmas jaunt to Fuengirola on the Mediterranean coast to stock up on a few goodies from the Iceland shop amongst others.

It was a beautifully warm day, lots of people still in short sleeves and shorts.....
.....some just in shorts. 

 We stopped for a drink in one of the beachfront bars while waiting for the world famous "Crispy Cod" fish and chip bar to open. 
 I had read about the "Crispy Cod" a while ago and as we were so close it was the only plaice to go. 
 It just haddock to be. A huge plate of cod, chips and mushy peas. Absolutely scrumptious and worth every euro. 


Joe Gilronan said...

Fantastic photos.

Fiona Woollam said...

OMG You can't say no to that!! Crispy cod here we come!

Alan and Anne said...

Hi Fiona. Yes, certainly worth the drive but definitely not good for the calorie count though. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

That DISH!