Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Wetter and wetter

Since our last post on Saturday, the rain has been constant day and night. Great for the olives and the reservoirs of course but hopefully it's not going to be a repeat of winter three years ago, when we had day after day of rain that lasted for almost three months causing huge amounts of damage to the infrastructure and landscape.
 Anyway, a few pictures on a short drive around this morning.
 Puddles on Vereda Ancha.

Looking across the fairground to the cloud covered mountains in the distance.
I drove the short distance out of town to the bridge over the River Guadalporcun on the Olvera to El Gastor road.
 The fast flowing water is quite a contrast to it's flow during the summer months when it's barely a trickle. 

  A misty view of the top of town taken from the edge of Olvera.

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