Thursday, 22 August 2013

Cadiz sunset re-visited

After talking with our friend Harry in Olvera a few weeks ago, I mentioned that on our last "sunset" trip to Cadiz in mid July I was slightly disappointed that the setting sun was slightly obscured by the Castillo de San Sebastian. He suggested that perhaps it would be worth returning at the end of August/early September when the sun would return to a more westerly position directly over the sea and without obstruction. So it was that we returned to Cadiz last night.
 We arrived at about 7.45pm and parked in the underground car park near to the Cadiz football ground before crossing the main street heading for the "Playa de la Victoria" beach area.
The beach was packed with bathers enjoying the warm early evening temperatures.

We strolled for a while along the "Paseo Maritimo", the promenade along the seafront, sitting occasionally while also searching out a restaurant, amongst the many, for somewhere to eat later.
 Oh glee, jewellery stalls!!. 

  Sunset was just after 9pm so we found a good spot and sat, waiting to capture that romantic shot of a shimmering sun setting across a calm sea and then slowly disappearing in a red, fiery glow over the horizon.

  Unfortunately, it wasn't to be as low cloud cover obscured the horizon but never mind, we love Cadiz anyway so perhaps another time. 

 We had found what looked to be a good restaurant on the seafront where we went to enjoy a delicious meal. Steak for me and grilled tuna for Anne. Yummy.

 An illuminated view of the beach at about 10.30pm before heading home after a coffee stop in another bar.

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